maj 20, 2013

TellyTadka Top 5 Scenes of the Week: Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon.

Ek Umr ka safar, Ek Pal mei katt gaya
Zinda toh hoon magar, Tukdon mein batt gayi
These are the lyrics of a Song from Priyanka Chopra-Arjun Rampal starrer Yakeen. And there couldn’t have been better words to describe Madhu’s state and our scene from MB that made it to the Top 5 Scenes of the week.
Oh No…..Not the UN-wedding drama again…Phuleeese!!!
Worry not, we did not have to go that back into time just a quick recap into the recent happenings was all that was needed for us to come up with the most striking, most power packed scene which is exactly why it’s made it into our list.
2210 TellyTadka Top 5 Scenes of the Week: Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon.
“Ab sab kuch teek ho jaayega Madhu” These was what RK said to Madhu when she came back home after her brief missing stunt. How she wished that it would indeed be all right, but once again he gave her a reason to not be in this relationship by humiliating her, insulting her and most of all raising question on her morality. A look at RK and somewhere deep it tells you that he meant what he said, ki Sab kuch teek ho jaayega, but sadly RK did not know the gravity of the words he had said, the insults he hurled at her in front of a crowd simply because he chose to overlook it. Like it or not at this point, we repeat at this point we cannot help but say that RK chooses to over see what he did. According to RK he feels kicking Dipali and Sikky out of the mansion would set things straight, which sheds light on the fact that he did not consider what he did was the reason for her being upset. We agree that Dipali had invited Sultan, and that Madhu used the same and twisted it against Dipali, so technically all that happened was Madhu’s doing, but irrespective of all what RK should have done was stick to his words he told her the other day that he trusts his biwi, his Madhu. What should have been a private confrontation was opened to the world and made mockery of.
2310 TellyTadka Top 5 Scenes of the Week: Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon.
“Kitne Baar” those were the words that caught him in his track, “aur Kab Tak”. Well her questions were true and Valid, how many times was she to prove that her love was for him….. that she had returned for him…that if she had ever loved anybody it was Him and only Him? We know that Madhu has a plan, she may or may not go through with it but it was true ki Madhu had proved herself 1) by leaving her mom, who meant the world to her and living with RK when Padmini was clearly against it and 2) by jumping from the parapet when RK asked her to do so……After what RK did to Madhu, it should have been him giving tests and exams and whatever it takes to win back her love and trust, but here he was putting her through Misery and she was done with it. “Kaise tumhe Vishwaas Dilaoon?Kabhi na tootne waala bharosa? Look at the irony it’s RK who was supposed to be asking these questions and yet again we see Madhu giving Agnipareeksha.
While Madhu was saying all this the expression on RK’s face is worth mentioning….He looks plain confused as if he couldn’t understand where all this was coming from. Like we said RK couldn’t understand the gravity of what he had said, done or was doing. Like Madhu said for RK life is like a Film, he does not understand any other version of it. The scene that followed would testify our statement…Madhu decides to Slit her wrist and we can see nothing but worry and fear in RK’s eyes. RK fears losing Madhu, but he does not care a damn if she has no dignity left in Public and never thinks twice before resorting to insulting her. Madhu knows better than anybody the worth of her life, the hardships her mother had to face to bring her alive into this world, and yet she willingly put her life at stake twice….What more could a Guy or for that matter anybody in love ask for?
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The two get into an argument with RK asking why she put her life in danger when he clearly asked her not to while Madhu counter attacks by asking him will she have to give the proof of her love every 5 mins? RK once again argues what he should have done as every evidence was pointing towards her to which she tells him the he should have trusted her…..and in an attempt to prove his point RK asks what she would have done if she was in his place and then realizes that it was an inappropriate question to ask. On one side it did looked like he realized what he just said and knew that she would never betray him like he did, one cannot deny the fact that on an entirely different note it did also look like he was afraid that he had put an idea into her mind. But what followed was what left Madhu as well as the viewers stunned RK actually believed, was under the impression that she had forgotten all that he did to her, but was having trouble getting over what just happened in the party…….Once again it showed that aaj tak RK ko ehsaas nahi hua hai ki usne kya kiya hai and then once again the “You can’t leave me, you belong to me” Mantra is chanted in all it’s glory.
251 TellyTadka Top 5 Scenes of the Week: Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon.
“Tumhe Mujhse pyaar nahi karna hai mat karo, Tumhe mujhe maaf nahi karna hai mat karo par tum mujhe chod kar nahi jaa sakti”…… What does this mean??? Didn’t love or for that matter her love mean anything to him? Didn’t her forgiveness matter to him??? Tum Meri Ho, Meri Ho, Meri Ho…..Why? On what Basis? With full fervor RK kept repeating again and again that Madhu was his, that she belonged to him….but not once did he show the courage to tell why? This was like a point of breakage for Madhu and she retorts back with equal fervor…….She tries to make him see that she was Madhu, that she was an individual and not something he could possess…..and leaves RK speechless when she asks him to name what it was that existed between them Pagalpan? Junoon? Deewangi? Zidd? ya Pyaar? She knew that he wouldn’t be able to answer it as always and asks him to leave.
” Matt giraon mujhe itna, thodi si izzat meri aakhon mein meri liye bhi rehne do”- Madhubala
The scene stood out for it’s strong screenplay and mindblowing performance by Vivian Dsena and Drashti Dhami. Drashti had to show a bread down something she excels in and yet again she does it with aplomb. Vivian on the other hand had to emote more than deliver dialogues….Confusion, fear, anger etc are to name a few and he does it flawlessly. The scene sure was one of the highpoint and turning point in MB this week and thus makes it into our Top 5 Scenes of the week.
Author: Vijitha Rajan