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Balika Vadhu: Anandi's father to visit Shiv's (Siddharth) house

Balika Vadhu: AnandiColors’s Balika Vadhu’s to bring dramatic and emotional moments. Shiv’s (Siddharth Shukla) father decides to take Sanchi’s marriage proposal to Jagdish (Shashank Vyas).
Also Anandi’s (Tarul Rasputra) father will visit Shiv’s house to meet her daughter.
Anandi is remarried and house in which she was married once has almost became her Maika and very less often remembers her real father who is left alone after Anandi’s mother’s death.
In the upcoming episode Sanchi’s father will decide that they will all go to Jaitsar and will talk to Jagdish’s about Sanchi.
While Sanchi gets very excited on her father’s decision, Anandi remains stunned to learn this.
On the other side Anandi’s father comes to Anandi’s house just when the decision was taken.
Will Anandi’s father tell about Anandi’s vows by Jagdish and try to change Shiv father’s mind?

Uttaran Meethi (Tina) declines to accept Akash’s blood for Damini

Uttaran Meethi (Tina) declines to accept Akash’s blood for DaminiColor’s Uttaran main lead Meethi (Tina Dutta) will deny to except her husband  Akash’s ( Mrunal Jain) blood which is going to save her grandmother Damini’s life.
Akash is a person who married Meethi for his family revenge but later Meethi’s love changed him into a good man.
In the last episode, Meethi and Vishanu took Damini to a hospital where he was given treatement for heart attack. Doctor informed Jogi Thakur that they will have to arrange for blood on urgent basis.
A donor accepts to give his blood to Damini and Meethi blesses him in mind till she sees his face and realizes it was none other than Akash who spoiled her life.
In the coming episode, Meethi will move inside ICU and remove Damini’s oxygen unit. Meethi will shout that Akash’s blood is poison and her grandmother cannot have it in her body. Doctor will make Meethi go out of room.
Akash will be sad to see Meethi’s extend of Meethi’s hatred for him.

juni 28, 2013

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai - 28th June, 2013 [HD]

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - 28th June, 2013 [HD]

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki - 28th June, 2013 [HD]

Madhubala - 28th June, 2013 [HD]

Qubool Hai - 28th June, 2013 [HD]

Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyo Ki Chaabi Meri Bhabhi - 28th June, 2013 [HD]

Balika Vadhu - 28th June, 2013 [HD]

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat - 28th June, 2013 [HD]

Saraswatichandra - 28th June, 2013 [HD]

Balika Vadhu 28th June 2013 Written Update

Anandi tells Sanchi, you want to do something new every day. But Jagya wants same daily routine life which you call – boring. That is why I think, maybe Jagya is not right partner for you. You said Shiv that you took decision after thinking a lot, but trust me.. you only know one side of Jagya. There’s a lot that Jagya keeps to himself. I will suggest you to think one more time before taking any decision. Anandi leaves.
A group of people come to complain Dadisa about new collector of Jaitsar. They say, he took Shiv’s place, but he doesn’t care about Jaitsar at all. He just listens to rich people. He wants to make farm house on the land here and sell it to rich people from the city. Dadisa says, this is unfair.. this shouldn’t happen. I will talk with Basant and Bhairo and tell them to talk with collector. If you all are right, then collector will have to answer to our questions. Everyone says to Dadisa, we were expecting only this from you and thanks her.
Daddu tells everyone they can’t blame Sanchi either. Mistakes like these happen in your young age. And what’s wrong with falling in love in this age. Even Jagya made mistake, but the good thing is he learned from it. Alok says, that means you don’t mind Sanchi marrying him? Ira says, if you repeat mistake again and again, it’s called habit. Daddu says, try to understand me. We have to see in which condition Jagya got married. First marriage was when he was a kid when you don’t know anything. And other, he got attracted to a girl while studying with her. Mahi says, why are we even talking about this? Jagya hasn’t said anything about this. So that means it’s one sided from Sanchi. Meenu asks him to stay quiet. He says, I also care about her like you all. We all know Sanchi is too stubborn and it might be same in this case. So the problem is Sanchi, not Jagdish. Meenu asks him to shut. Mahi leaves from there.
Alok says, maybe Mahi is right. Ira gets surprised and asks, you also think that it’s only Sanchi who is after him? Jagya didn’t give any response? You can’t clap with one hand. Is that all you think for your daughter? Daddu says, love is not always two sided.. it can be one sided. And why are we thinking about who is right and who is wrong? Both are our children. We are here to think about Sanchi’s happiness. What should we do so Sanchi doesn’t feel bad and her life doesn’t get spoiled either?
Everyone has gathered in the living room. Jagya is finding Ganga’s result. Ganga is too worried. Basant tells Ganga, it would be better if you had gone to school. Jagya says, site is down.. this happens when too many people open site together. All oldies are appreciating such technology. Finally site connects. Ganga gives her number to Jagya. Jagya enters and it shows 56%. Jagya lies to Ganga, your number is not coming here. Ganga starts crying thinking she failed. Dadisa tells Ganga to enter her number in that “dabba” (laptop) and check herself. Ganga does it and while it’s loading, Ganga says nothing came. Jagya says, that means you’re gone… Right then results load and Ganga is surprisingly happy that she passed with second class. She touches Jagya’s feet and says, it’s all thanks to you. Jagya says, many take exams, but they all don’t pass.. it’s because of your hard work. Ganga is too happy and takes blessings from everyone. She then plays with Manu. Sumitra gives blessings, but doesn’t seem too happy. Dadisa takes off her nazar and asks servant to bring sweets.
Basant and Bhairo leave for the work. Jagya says, I feel I should join hospital again. Dadisa asks what’s so hurry for? Jagya says, Lal Singh says, I am fine and can do light work. Dadisa says, I don’t believe it. Until I don’t think you’re absolutely fine, you will rest. Go to your room and rest. Jagya and everyone smiles. He leaves.
Discussion continues at Shiv’s house. Ira says, it’s not possible for me to give my daughter’s hand to someone who hasdivorced twice, but if that’s the only way to make our Sanchi happy, then we have no other option. She says to Daddu, you want this as well, right? Daddu says, sometimes we have to compromise for children’s happiness. He says, we should examine Jagya and if there is no such feeling, then he will refuse, and Sanchi will have to understand and matter will end there.
Back to Jagya’s house. Dadisa asks Sumitra, you remember it’s Jagya’s birthday tomorrow, right? Sumitra says, how can I forget it. Ganga proposes them to keep a surprise party. She says, I will manage everything and we will surprise him. Dadisa likes the idea and says, he’s got a new life so we should celebrate it.
Precap: Alok tells everyone that they are going to Jaitsar and once they get a chance, they will talk about Jagya and Sanchi’s rishta. Sanchi is happy. Someone (don’t know who he is) comes and hears it and is shocked.

Launch of Colors' Vibhuti gets delayed!

Trilogy Media Pvt. Ltd's upcoming afternoon show Vibhuti which was expected to be launched by the end of July, has been delayed.
If sources are to be believed, we heard that, "The channel wants to launch few more shows in the afternoon band along with Vibhuti and that's why the launch of the show has been delayed."
We have also heard that another reason for the delay is also the rains because the show needs to have some outdoor shoots and it's difficult to shoot outdoor during rainy season.
We tried contacting producer Ila Bedi but she didn't revert to our text messages.
Keep watching this space for more updates. 

Anwesha Kamal

Leopard threat on the 'Na Bole Tum' sets..

After all the erratic shoot schedules and troubles caused by monsoon, the actors don't seem to be getting respite, as a leopard threat has added to the list.
Recently, in Star Plus popular show Veera, we noticed a tiger threat growling in Pitampura village, whereby the villagers started patrolling for their safety. Further, it was followed by Veera(Harshita Ojha) going missing and encountering a tiger while trapped in a village.
Now we hear from our source that a real leopard threat has come up around the sets of Colors show Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2. As a matter of fact, NBT's set is situated at Aarey Milk Colony which is surrounded by forests on all the sides.
For the same we got in touch with Kanwar Dhillon, who is playing the role of Munna in the show. The actor confirmed the buzz, saying, "Yes, we had a leopard around our set yesterday. The spot boys came running inside the set on seeing the leopard.  Intially, everybody panicked, but things got settled soon."
Kanwar went on to say, "The leopard did not harm anybody but what a scary moment it was! Luckily it didn't come to watch our show (Laughs)."
Maybe after the tiger act in Veera, other animals also want to be seen on screen!

Saraswatichandra 28th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with the women standing at the rooftop waiting for the moon. Kumud tells Kusum she will break her fast alone. (Kumud looks simple and best!!)The moon appears and everyone are happy to see it. Guniyal tells Chandrika lets do the prayers. Kumari sees them and goes from there. Guniyal sees Vidyachatur through the net and opens her fast. Danny comes there and looks for Kumari and leaves. Chandrika opens her fast with Gyaan’s photo. Kumud sees them and smiles. Vidyachatur makes Guniyal drink water. Kumari is going somewhere alone. She tries to go out, but Danny follows her. She sees Danny and comes inside. She tells him don’t follow me, I’m not going to meet Umesh. He tells today I will take you to meet him, she tells what. They leave.
Scene shifts to Umesh:
Umesh is with her family, celebrating his marriage anniversary. Danny and Kumari see them in the restaurant. Kumari hears everything and is shocked. Kumari cries, she breaks down. Danny tells her lets leave from here. Kumari says no, one minute, she goes to Umesh. Umesh sees her and gets up from his seat. Kumari sees his family and slaps him. (You should have done this earlier, its late but ok!!) Umesh’s wife gets up and sees this. Umesh stares at Kumari. Kumari says what are you seeing, what you have done with me, this in nothing compared to it. Kumari leaves from there. Danny goes to Umesh and says will you book a case against Kumari for slapping you, you cannot, you know what your wife will do now. He leaves with Kumari.
Scene shifts to Kumud:
Kumud is alone on the rooftop, she sees everyone are gone, and thinks of breaking her fast. She says the moon has come, when will you come. She hears Saras’s voice. She says it looks like you are here, near me. She sees Saras’s drawing through the net and sees the moon, and says our love is complete, but you are not with me, Saras actually comes to her. She sees his face through the net and is shocked. She cannot believe her eyes, she says don’t do like this, I cannot live without you, he says I have come Kumud, don’t live without me, I told you that when you see my photo, my existence will happen, she says is this reality or a dream, he says touch and see. She says if this is a dream, I don’t want to break it by touching you. He puts flower petals on her. He smiles. She gets happy and says you are really here. He comes closer to her and holds her, saying you kept the fast for me, he hugs her. She smiles. (The hug is everlasting!!) She says but you, he says call me by my name, you promised me when I come to you, you will take my name, complete your promise. She says my, only my Saraswatichandra. He smiles, she feels shy. He holds her face and looks at her. (They both look superb today, what a couple.. adorable.. sweet.. happening!!)
Scene shifts to Laxminandan:
The merger party has started. Ghuman and Laxminandan are with the guests. The client asks to complete the formalities. Laxminandan asks for Saras, Ghuman says he might be here, he will be coming soon. Laxminandan is worried, as Saras has to sign the papers. Laxminandan asks Sunny where is Saras, Sunny says I have not seen him today. The clients ask is there any problem, Laxminandan says no. Ghuman smiles.
Scene shifts to Kumud and Saras:
Saras says first see the moon, she says the moon comes daily, but you came after a long time, I want to see you, without losing any time. She says you stay very far, he says even I’m seeing my moon after many days, but what should I do to bring a smile on your face. They both smile. Kumud sees the moon, and then Saras’s face. She does his Tilak and Aarti. Saras comes closer to her and makes her drink water. She breaks her fast. Piya re.. music plays. Saras says give me the Thaali, even I have to break the fast. She says even you kept the fast, I knew it, but I told you I don’t want longer age, I want to live with you, he says what will I do without you, you have to live with me always. She smiles.
Saras takes the Thaali, and sees Kumud through the net. She says first see the moon, he says how should I, your face is more bright, I can’t take my eyes off, I see this moon daily, I want to stare at you without losing any time. He then sees the moon and then her face, She smiles. She breaks his fast by making him drink water. They both look at each other. The song Abhi mujh me kahin… song plays..
They both enjoy the moment and live it well.
Kumud asks him to take her with you, he says not like this, let me make you proud and then take you. The client blames Laxminandan for the merger failure. Laxminandan gets angry.

I will marry someone who takes me along wherever he goes :Shefali

Shefali Sharma who is seen in Bani – Ishq Da Kalma on Colors as Bani in candid chat with TellBuzz shared her views on a very different topic and spoke about her show.
Few days back our reliable source informed us that Bani was unable to walk as an insect bit her but however this professional girl still continued to shoot.
We called up Shefali to know about her health and this is what she had to say, "It so happened that I was shooting and suddenly I saw my leg swollen. Then I realised that an insect had bitten my leg and I couldn't walk for few hours. However, since I had to rush for a press conference at Chandigarh I had to go. I could have taken rest but I didn't wanted my work to suffer at an cost."
And is she feeling okay now? "Well, the pain at the moment is fine, but the swelling is still there."
Moving on with the conversation we asked her, how is it working on a different plot and subject line? Prompt came her reply "I am enjoying the show and the reason I took up this show was because I understand the concept and the motive behind bringing in this show. The concept is unique and one of its kind which has never been touched in the television industry. I read the script and decided to be a part of it since I can relate to it in a better way as one of my friend is facing a similar problem as Bani. She married a guy who is in Canada from the last five years and whenever she calls him he has his own reasons of not coming to India as he says, he hasn't established himself and wants to stay there and earn money, while at other times he even avoids her."
Continuing the conversation she said, "I do advice and guide her but she is helpless. She does watch the show, but I know she is in deep pain. I hope things settle down in her life."
When we asked her, what if she would be in a similar situation what will she do? "I would be very clear as I will not want to marry someone who will not be with me, I would rather not marry and will make it clear that after marriage I should be with him as now days it's quite risky. Not all, but yes, few married men do leave their wives and settle abroad."
Lastly she leaves a message to her fans, "Please watch the show, as its not just an entertainment show, we are showing something that happens for real and this show will help someone needy."

Qubool Hai - Press Conference at Ajmer

Qubool Hai story twist Asad to marry Tanveer due to her pregnancy

Qubool Hai story twist Asad to marry Tanveer due to her pregnancyZee’s Qubool Hai to bring major twist by getting Asad (Karan Singh Grover) marry to Tanveer instead of Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti).
In the previous episode Asad was shown searching for Zoya everywhere while Zoya took shelter in an orphanage to serve children and get little relief from her vows.
Upcoming episode of Qubool Hai will bring a 1 month leap after which Asad will find Zoya but Zoya will decline to even talk or be in terms with Asad. Asad will go back home without Zoya.
Tanveer will take opportunity of hiding her pregnancy by giving it name of Asad’s act. Asad will be forced to marry Tanveer for the baby.
Let’s see if Zoya comes back to Asad life again or leave him forever.

Sasural Simar Ka: Jhumki to give funny scenes horrifying Khushi

Sasural Simar Ka: Jhumki to give funny scenes horrifying KhushiAfter a long series of drama and tragedies, Sasural Simar Ka (SSK) on colors will bring some funny moments.
Khushi (Jyotsna Chandola) will be constantly scared of Jhumki (Avika Gor) to the amusement of viewers.
In the previous episode, Khumki accepted in front of Khushi that she is Jhumki and also challenged her to prove this.
Jhumki knows well that now Khushi is a danger to her. Khushi will try to make Jhumki angry and record her statement against her while Veeru has gone to Laxmanpur to collect prove against her from there.
In the upcoming episodes, Jhumki and her brother Bantu will do their best to irritate and scare Khushi.
Buntu will hit Khushi with a groom stick. Khushi will be in constant fear from Khushi who will horrify Khushi by tricks.

Balika Vadhu: Celebration for Jagdish's birthday & Ganga's result

Balika Vadhu: Celebration for JagdishColors's Balika Vadhu to be filled of sequences of celebration on Jagdish’s (Shashank Vyas) birthday and Ganga’s (Sriti Jha) examination results.
In the previous episode, Sanchi talks to Shiv about her wish to marry Jagdish and did her best to convince Shiv on her side.
Anandi advices Sanchi that Jagdish’s nature is different from Sanchi’s and thereby she thinks that Jagdish is not suitable for Sanchi.
In the upcoming episode of Balika Vadhu, Irawati will show her concern to think about Sanchi and Jagdish’s wedding. But Dadduji will advice to analyze Jagdish and consider him once for the sake of Sanchi’s happiness.
Also Ganga will be shown to pass her examinations for being a nurse because of which Jagdish will be very happy.
Also Jagdish’s birthday Party will a surprise suggested by Ganga.
Let’s see Jagdish’s destiny brings him close to whom, Sanchi or Ganga.

Punar Vivah 2: Raj's family stunned to see Raj & Sarita together

Punar Vivah 2: RajZee Tv’s Punar Vivah 2 to bring some Shocking moment for Raj’s family to see Raj (Karan V Grover) and Sarita (Srishty Rode) having candle light dinner.
In the previous episode, Divya planned to bring Sarita and Raj close by a false prophecy of Sarita’s death. Raj agrees to have candle light dinner to make Sarita happy.
While Raj’s parents thought that Raj will be romancing with Divya at home, Raj will be spending time with Sarita whom he never even looked at in 10 years.
In the coming episode, Raj’s family will come back from picnic to see Raj and Sarita together in darkness having candle light dinner.
Let’s Divya’s attempt bring Raj close to Sarita in time span or Raj gets angry by revealed truth.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai: Akshara remains in jail on her b’day

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai: Akshara remains in jail on her b’dayStar plus’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehalata hai ( YRKKH ) to bring some troublesome moments for Akshara ( Hina Khan ) on her birthday.
IT officials who came to raid Singhania mansion will take Akshara to jail.
In the last episode IT officials came to Singhania house just when entire family was about to leave for Mumbai.
Singhania family has also planned a surprise birthday party for Akashara in Mumbai.
In the upcoming episode of YRKKH, IT officials will claim to have come for a raid on Singhania family and women police will take away Akashara.
Let’s see what mistake was made by Akashara due to which she has to go through arrest. It’s time for Naitik to do something for Akshara

Preeti and Sameer to marry in Pyar Ka Dard Hai in simple ceremony

Preeti and Sameer to marry in Pyar Ka Dard Hai in simple ceremonyThe TV serial Pyar Ka Dard Hai on Star Plus (Rajshri Productions) of the tale of Nanaji’s (Mukesh Khanna) well-kept secret behind his wife’s death.
The truth coming to the fore about Aditya (Nakuul Mehta) being responsible for his Nani’s death.
However the next session will open with celebrations of the marriage of Preeti (Ashlesha Sawant) and her boyfriend from work, Sameer essayed by Vijayendra Kumeria.
Though Sameer does not get the consent of his father (Kuldeep Mallik) to marry Preeti he will go ahead and marry her.
The lifestyle of Preeti will change as she will have to get adjusted to living in a smaller house, have new responsibilities and be the bahu of the house.
Her life will become miserable because her father in law will always make life miserable for her with taunting words. However she will always have the blessing of Rajlaxmi her mother in law.
The wedding between Preeti and Sameer will be a simple affair with no fan fare or frills

Qubool Hai - New Pic's

Outdoor Shoot – The Stress! The Strain! – Strive for the Best for Qubool Hai!

The “Ajmer” shoot as it is called now, Qubool Hai, shot for a sequence in the Amer Fort, Jaipur, the sands of Pushkar and in Ajmer around the Ajmer Sharif. The cast Karan Singh Grover who plays Asad Ahmed Khan, Surbhi Jyoti is your ever lovable Zoya Farooqui and Amrapali Gupta plays Tanveer, who is perhaps one of the most hated characters on Television in recent times were on location for the shoot with Director Arshad Khan, Producer Gul Khan, DoP Hrishikesh Gandhi, Supervising Producer Tarlok Singh, Creative Director Megha S Kumar and unit of about 40 people which is of course a small unit that made up the team of light, sound, camera, direction, hair, make up, costume and creative.

The shoot was for 4 days with the first half of day one in doing recce of the location to decide how the flow of the shoot would happen so that there is minimal wastage of time. The professionalism of Surbhi Jyoti is that she would be up at 6 am and be ready by 7 with make-up and costume all set. She also would have breakfast with the crew. Karan Singh Grover was not well however, he endeavored to be on the set if not on time, an hour or so late. Once on the set, they did all it that was asked of them and more.

The sequences were of emotional kind, a song, some search, hit and miss. And all this with a crowd that was astounding. There were 30 local police personnel and 4 bodyguards just for the artists safety.  Now some of the shot required them to run barefoot in hot sand of Pushkar at 40 degree celsius in middle of the afternoon, which both Karan and Surbhi did without flinching. Even the hot sand falling accidentally on our feet made us want to shake it off as fast as possible and here they were giving takes after takes in the sand.

Such is their dedication. Besides this, they met the crowds, how many ever they could, give autographs, pictures with them and some even gave chocolates and gifts to the stars. After 3 days of grueling session for 12 hours, that evening, they had a press conference to attend. Feeling unwell, Karan and Surbhi had massive headache with a hot day under the Sun yet both them were ready, albeit a little late, at the venue. Karan had to excuse him and left early as his symptoms got worse and he was feeling nauseous.

The heat at the location had been such that even the brave would cave in and after 10 hours under it, anyone would cave in. We think both Karan and Surbhi are braver than brave. Yes, we helped Surbhi with a head massage but Karan just tried to sleep it off. He had rolled in the hot sand from a distance of 30 feet after walking barefoot for 20 more perhaps, walking in the dunes is a task i itself.

We give you some pictures which tell their story. We spent 4 days with them and know exactly how each of their minute went, whether travelling from Jaipur to Pushkar to Ajmer. The difference in air-conditioning car to the heat of the Sun was enough for us to take refuge under the umbrella at every opportunity.
Watch Qubool Hai for the efforts that the team makes in creating sequences that are tough to make, every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.