juni 26, 2013

Qubool Hai 26th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia calls up Tanveer, saying that she too asked her to get zoya out of her way, and she helped her tremendously in that. tanveer says that she might have gone, but not her memories. Razia says that she can handle that alone. tanveer asks her the real purpose of being on call. razia says that she has to do a work for her. tanveer asks her to delay it, as she has to be around asad. Razia tells her that she doesnt like hearing no from her, and whoever refuses her has to face the brunt of it, that she reveals their secrets. Tanveer asks whats the work.Razia tells tanveer on the phone, that humaira is going to Raniganj for her relative’s place, and that she shouldnt reach there, and that she should stop humaira midway and take her to a safe and isolated place for a few days. tanveer is surprised that she wants to kidnap her own daughter. Razia explains her that its just to keep her in a safe spot till her plan succeeds, as she has to teach someone a lesson. She tells her about the bus that she’s travelling in. Tanveer agrees. Razia says that for now, what ayan did to humaira, he would have to pay for it by shedding tears of blood.
Razia raises a hue and cry about humaira’s disappearance from the house, and blames ayan, saying that he saw him mistreating humaira twice and thats the reason she is missing, as she must have left the house upset. She says that she was out for two days, and he started mistreating her. shirin defends saying that they kept care of her daughter. Razia questions ayan’s behaviour, when he should have been most responsible for her care and concern. Ayan says that he didnt intend to make that happen. Razia says that this means he has said something. Razia blows it out of proportion. Rashid suggets that she might have gone to a friend’s house, as its just been an hour. Razia asks how can she go to a friend without telling anyone. she asks the other girls if they knew about this, when she herself had stopped humaira from telling anyone, sending her in haste. Razia says that she has never done something like this before. Razia says that even her phone is switched off. seeing ayan tensed, razia remembers how she had intentionally spilled phone on humaira’s cell, so as to stop connectivity, and having sent humaira is haste. Razia pretends to be very angry with rashid on his preposition that she’s dramatising. Mamujaan comes in asking whats happening. all are shocked to see him. He comes in angrily. Razia comes and does the same drama in front of him too, that ayan has said something to humaira that made her leave the house, without any intimation to anyone. Badi bi asks why does she always assume the worst, as she’s mature, and would come soon. Razia says that she might be smart, but ayan isnt, and might spoil her daughter’s life, just like his elder brother did. rashid reprimands her for insulting like this, when she doesnt even know what happened. razia says that he wont understand what a mother goes through. Ayan asks her to be patient, and might return soon. Razia asks what if thidoesnt happen.
Razia says that its due to her daughter’s whim, and that humaira loves ayan, and she bowed to her wishes, but that doesnt mean ayan treats her like shit, and she wont be silently witnessing it. Razia reprimands ayan, that if humaira doesnt return, who would be responsible for that. Ayan is speechlees, while others are disturbed. she turns to mamujaan to call up the police. Mamujaan comes to ayan, and ask him to pray that nothing happens to humaira, coz if anything happens, he would have to pay the price for it. He calls up the police, and walks away. Razia looks with venomous eyes at Ayan. Razia thinks that he has already bowed down on his knees, and now she would make him suffer so much, that the next time, he would think twice before mistreating humaira.
Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad, distraught at life, remembers his past momenst with zoya.(MITWA MOMENT) Nazma comes and gives the Ipad to asad, saying that maybe she left a note behind or sent an email, or they might get some clue. She says that she was unable to open it, since its passowrd locked, and she couldnt crack it. Asad remembers how zoya had challenged him to find her password. Nazma says that the hint suggests that the password is someone’s nickname who she loves and hates too. Nazma asks him to try it. Asad tries all the different nicknames that zoya had given him, like , Asad ahmed Khan, Asad Bond, Jahapanah Six Packs, Jineillahi, but none work. he breaks down into tears. Nazma consoles and sits beside him. she takes the I PAD, while tanveer is disturbed at seeing this.
While asad is tensed, zoya walks in the room. This overwhelms him, and he comes upto her. He asks her where had she gone, as he dies everytime he takes a breath without her by his side. He asks her to never leave her ever again. Asad asks zoya not to leave him, while zoya looks sternly at him. He hugs zoya, while she is nonchalant. She too hugs him back, and asad finally wakes up from his trance, and realises that it was a dreamall along. (MITWA MOMENT) He gets a call.
The inspector calls up to say something, which shocks him. He is in tears, and the phone drops from his hand. Dilshad comes and asks what happened. He tells that there was an accident of a bus on the highway, and zoya might be on it. as dilshad tries to urgently leave, he stops her, and goes himself.
Scene 3:
Location: Morgue
Asad is brought to the morgue to identify a dead body. He sees the feet opf the body, thats wearing jeans. He has aterrible premonition. While the police inspector unveils the dead bodies, asad with his fingers crossed, and his heart in his mouth, is mustering up the courage to face the hard truth, if its zoya’s body. He is highly relieved that it isnt zoya. he tells it to the inspector. He finds ayan there, who points him to a dead body, when asad asks what happened to him, and whats he doing here. Ayan says that its humaira. Asad asks if he’s sure. Ayan says that its the same ring that he had put on humaira’s finger. Asad tries to comfort ayan, while he looks away, as the inspector unveils the face. asad sees that it isnt humaira, and shows to ayan also. Ayan is highly relieved too and hugs asad. Ayan tells the inspector. The inspector asks if he’s sure that the ring is hers. He assures the inspector, whoe leaves for further investigation. Ayan asks why is this happening. Asad says that dilshad always says that God test his best people, and that he never thought that theirs would be so bad. They hug each other, and the screen freezes on their faces.
Precap: Zoya, wanting to be alone and desolate after what happened to her, has taken shelter in an orphanage, or a social institution and is spending her time working there, to keep her mind off her trauma, but is nevertheless sad.