juni 26, 2013

Balika Vadhu: Jagdish will have to choose between Ganga & Sanchi

It's Ganga vs Sanchi for Jagya in Balka Vadhu

Balika Vadhu: Jagdish will have to choose between Ganga & Sanchi
Colors’ Balika Vadhu will be bringing some high voltage drama in its coming episodes. Shiv’s sister Sanchi (Roop Durgapal) who is ignorant about Anandi’s ex husband Jagdish’s (Shashank Vyas) feelings will try to convince her parents for her marriage with Jagdish (Jagya).
On the other hand, Jagish will have to judge his feeling for Ganga and Sanchi and choose one between them.
It's a two edge sword for Jagdish, choosing Ganga may bring disappointment to both his mother Sumitra and Anandi’s family. And Choosing Sanchi can bring a lot more tension in their house with Sanchi’s arrogant behavior.
In the previous episode of Balika Vadhu Sanchi tells everyone that she loves Jagdish and she will marry him at any cost and chhoti Maa tries to explain that she will not be able to adjust in the village.

In the upcoming episode of Balika Vadhu, Sanchi's mother Irawati will tell Sanchi that she will not let her marry Jagdish and no matter what Sanchi does not marry for whole her life.
At Jaitsar Sumitra who never appreciated Ganga's presence will decide to send Ganga away considering her responsible for attack on Jagdish.
This is a big turn in Jagdish's life Let us see Jagidsh's decision to chose in between Ganga and Sanchi as his life partner.