juni 28, 2013

Punar Vivah 2: Raj's family stunned to see Raj & Sarita together

Punar Vivah 2: RajZee Tv’s Punar Vivah 2 to bring some Shocking moment for Raj’s family to see Raj (Karan V Grover) and Sarita (Srishty Rode) having candle light dinner.
In the previous episode, Divya planned to bring Sarita and Raj close by a false prophecy of Sarita’s death. Raj agrees to have candle light dinner to make Sarita happy.
While Raj’s parents thought that Raj will be romancing with Divya at home, Raj will be spending time with Sarita whom he never even looked at in 10 years.
In the coming episode, Raj’s family will come back from picnic to see Raj and Sarita together in darkness having candle light dinner.
Let’s Divya’s attempt bring Raj close to Sarita in time span or Raj gets angry by revealed truth.