juni 23, 2013

Good news for fans, Asad, Zoya to say 'Qubool Hai' soon

Good news for fans, Asad, Zoya to say 'Qubool Hai' soon

Mumbai: Small screen's most popular show Qubool Hai is on the peak of drama and twist. As in last episode, we saw Tanveer caught hold of Asad and injecting a sleeping drug into him. This results in Asad feeling unconscious, which results in the consummation of Asad and Tanveer. When Zoya went hunting for Asad, she found Asad and Tanveer together and broke into tears. 

But now, the show is coming up with lots of positive folds in upcoming episodes.

Earlier, the sources said that Zoya will go missing after seeing Asad and Tanveer sleeping together. Now the latest news is that, Mr Khan will run to Ajmer in search of his life, Zoya. But before Asad, Billo Rani reaches to Zoya and pushes of her from the cliff.

Mr Khan will watch Tanu's wicked face with necked eyes and this will make Asad burst into anger. Mr Six pack, will slap hard on Tanveer's face and rescue his love, Miss Farooqui.

If sources are to be believed, we heard that Zoya Farooqui will soon become Mrs Zoya Asad Ahmad Khan. The duo will happily get married soon and Billo Rani's story will end.

Wait-wait-wait, how can be a show called daily soap if there is no villain. Yes, their happy marriage life will be short as more drama will come soon.

Zoya and Asad's life will be difficult ahead as Tanveer will be back again in the show.

Untill the 'Billo' comes again, viewers can enjoy some romantic sequences between Asad and Zoya.