juni 30, 2013

Uttaran Meethi (Tina) declines to accept Akash’s blood for Damini

Uttaran Meethi (Tina) declines to accept Akash’s blood for DaminiColor’s Uttaran main lead Meethi (Tina Dutta) will deny to except her husband  Akash’s ( Mrunal Jain) blood which is going to save her grandmother Damini’s life.
Akash is a person who married Meethi for his family revenge but later Meethi’s love changed him into a good man.
In the last episode, Meethi and Vishanu took Damini to a hospital where he was given treatement for heart attack. Doctor informed Jogi Thakur that they will have to arrange for blood on urgent basis.
A donor accepts to give his blood to Damini and Meethi blesses him in mind till she sees his face and realizes it was none other than Akash who spoiled her life.
In the coming episode, Meethi will move inside ICU and remove Damini’s oxygen unit. Meethi will shout that Akash’s blood is poison and her grandmother cannot have it in her body. Doctor will make Meethi go out of room.
Akash will be sad to see Meethi’s extend of Meethi’s hatred for him.