juni 28, 2013

Outdoor Shoot – The Stress! The Strain! – Strive for the Best for Qubool Hai!

The “Ajmer” shoot as it is called now, Qubool Hai, shot for a sequence in the Amer Fort, Jaipur, the sands of Pushkar and in Ajmer around the Ajmer Sharif. The cast Karan Singh Grover who plays Asad Ahmed Khan, Surbhi Jyoti is your ever lovable Zoya Farooqui and Amrapali Gupta plays Tanveer, who is perhaps one of the most hated characters on Television in recent times were on location for the shoot with Director Arshad Khan, Producer Gul Khan, DoP Hrishikesh Gandhi, Supervising Producer Tarlok Singh, Creative Director Megha S Kumar and unit of about 40 people which is of course a small unit that made up the team of light, sound, camera, direction, hair, make up, costume and creative.

The shoot was for 4 days with the first half of day one in doing recce of the location to decide how the flow of the shoot would happen so that there is minimal wastage of time. The professionalism of Surbhi Jyoti is that she would be up at 6 am and be ready by 7 with make-up and costume all set. She also would have breakfast with the crew. Karan Singh Grover was not well however, he endeavored to be on the set if not on time, an hour or so late. Once on the set, they did all it that was asked of them and more.

The sequences were of emotional kind, a song, some search, hit and miss. And all this with a crowd that was astounding. There were 30 local police personnel and 4 bodyguards just for the artists safety.  Now some of the shot required them to run barefoot in hot sand of Pushkar at 40 degree celsius in middle of the afternoon, which both Karan and Surbhi did without flinching. Even the hot sand falling accidentally on our feet made us want to shake it off as fast as possible and here they were giving takes after takes in the sand.

Such is their dedication. Besides this, they met the crowds, how many ever they could, give autographs, pictures with them and some even gave chocolates and gifts to the stars. After 3 days of grueling session for 12 hours, that evening, they had a press conference to attend. Feeling unwell, Karan and Surbhi had massive headache with a hot day under the Sun yet both them were ready, albeit a little late, at the venue. Karan had to excuse him and left early as his symptoms got worse and he was feeling nauseous.

The heat at the location had been such that even the brave would cave in and after 10 hours under it, anyone would cave in. We think both Karan and Surbhi are braver than brave. Yes, we helped Surbhi with a head massage but Karan just tried to sleep it off. He had rolled in the hot sand from a distance of 30 feet after walking barefoot for 20 more perhaps, walking in the dunes is a task i itself.

We give you some pictures which tell their story. We spent 4 days with them and know exactly how each of their minute went, whether travelling from Jaipur to Pushkar to Ajmer. The difference in air-conditioning car to the heat of the Sun was enough for us to take refuge under the umbrella at every opportunity.
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