juni 28, 2013

I will marry someone who takes me along wherever he goes :Shefali

Shefali Sharma who is seen in Bani – Ishq Da Kalma on Colors as Bani in candid chat with TellBuzz shared her views on a very different topic and spoke about her show.
Few days back our reliable source informed us that Bani was unable to walk as an insect bit her but however this professional girl still continued to shoot.
We called up Shefali to know about her health and this is what she had to say, "It so happened that I was shooting and suddenly I saw my leg swollen. Then I realised that an insect had bitten my leg and I couldn't walk for few hours. However, since I had to rush for a press conference at Chandigarh I had to go. I could have taken rest but I didn't wanted my work to suffer at an cost."
And is she feeling okay now? "Well, the pain at the moment is fine, but the swelling is still there."
Moving on with the conversation we asked her, how is it working on a different plot and subject line? Prompt came her reply "I am enjoying the show and the reason I took up this show was because I understand the concept and the motive behind bringing in this show. The concept is unique and one of its kind which has never been touched in the television industry. I read the script and decided to be a part of it since I can relate to it in a better way as one of my friend is facing a similar problem as Bani. She married a guy who is in Canada from the last five years and whenever she calls him he has his own reasons of not coming to India as he says, he hasn't established himself and wants to stay there and earn money, while at other times he even avoids her."
Continuing the conversation she said, "I do advice and guide her but she is helpless. She does watch the show, but I know she is in deep pain. I hope things settle down in her life."
When we asked her, what if she would be in a similar situation what will she do? "I would be very clear as I will not want to marry someone who will not be with me, I would rather not marry and will make it clear that after marriage I should be with him as now days it's quite risky. Not all, but yes, few married men do leave their wives and settle abroad."
Lastly she leaves a message to her fans, "Please watch the show, as its not just an entertainment show, we are showing something that happens for real and this show will help someone needy."