juni 26, 2013

Qubool Hai: Zoya leaves Asad?

Just when Asad and Zoya were about to get married, Tanveer managed to play her evil trick on their life. Tanveer managed to get Asad in bed with her, and gets Zoya see them together, in the show Qubool Hai.
When Zoya sees Asad and Tanveer in bed, she looses it. Asad runs after her, but Zoya would hear none of it. She says that he has broken her heart and she has had enough. She runs home to Dilshad and others where they are shell shocked to hear what she says.
Initially, they would not believe what Zoya says, but when they look at Asad's guilt stricken face, they have their confirmation. Dilshad hurt beyond belief at her son's behaviour, compares him to his father Rashid. She says, her upbringing was washed off by his blood that belongs to Rashid.
After all this, Asad goes to Dilshad first. He tries to talk to her, but she would have none of it. She rejects him out and out. Even when he requests her to let him talk to Zoya, she won't let him.
But when Dilshad goes to find Zoya, she is not in her room. We will have to wait and watch if she has actually left Asad or not?