maj 31, 2013

Saraswatichandra - 31st May, 2013 - Written Update!!

The Episode starts with kumud crying standing at the terrace. Saras comes downstairs, and thinks about what they spoke. He thinks about Kumud’s harsh words, and that she is feeling guilty about yesterday night.
Sunny comes and asks Saras whether she told yes for marriage, he asks what happened yesterday, Saras says stop it. Sunny says he has made Saras his love guru, and his girlfriend is not taking his call. Kusum comes and thanks Saras, for saying yes to Kumud. Sunny smiles. Kusum says when your proposal came, she and Kumud went to Puja, and there is a huge line, and Kumud prayed standing far and gave milk to a boy. She says she told her that if you get a groom and not love, so Kumud says the love is in them. You both have the same relation. Saras leaves listening this.
Kumari says we will meet soon Babuji, and she has to talk many things about her. Kumari cries, and Badimaa comes there and she asks with whom she was talking in the morning, She says Chaya. Badimaa says the call came again, and it was a man’s voice. Kumari says it might have come for someone else. Badimaa says I thought it came for you, he was saying to meet near Karkhana, he then disconnected the call. Badimaa says till when you will lie to me, Kumari says till you lie to me.
Kumud’s mother comes and asks for Kumud, she asks Kumari to look for her and send her to kitchen. Badimaa is tensed by Kumari’s answer. Badimaa comes for Vidyachatur and meet Laxminandan, he says I was embarrassed for Saras’s no, and when he came infront of her, he did not understand, he says you understood Saras’s heart and gave him time, so now they are going to make a relation, thanks. She says he is Saraswati’s son, he will listen to his heart. He says Saras got forgiveness because he did not cheat, but I.. Badimaa asks him to forget everything. She says I took Saras’s responsibility after Saraswati, and she has fulfilled it. Vidyachatur comes, Badimaa asks him to come to her room. He says ok, and have a tea with Laxminandan.
He says when you told about Saras’s no, I felt bad, I felt it happened because of me. He says we made a mistake, Laxminandan feels his mistake, he says he could not have told about the relation with Ghuman, and when he came for his marriage, he knew he could not have left Ghuman, he did wrong with Badimaa. Vidyachatur says what you did was right, if I came to know about you and Ghuman later, I would have not forgiven you. Laxminandan says you forgive me as we were friends, but I was under a burden which Kumud and Saras lightened. The relation are made which were not there earlier.
Scene shifts to Kumud:
Kumud comes to kitchen and sees her mum cooking, she says did you call me. She says yes, I forgot to light diya in mandir, and gives her some work. Kumud comes in and takes a vessel. Kumud’s mother notices some changes in her. She says what is this, see your hair, why are they like this. Kumud says I went upstairs so maybe.. Kumud is unable to face her mother. Kumud puts water on her clothes, her mother asks her to change her clothes. Kumud leaves.
Laxminandan is talking to his manager about his business, he comes to Saras, and asks do you remember the design which you made, the clients are saying they cannot make it. They talk about business. Laxminandan is happy that Saras is dealing well. He says I had much burden, and took it away by saying yes to Kumud. He asks him no to do any mistake. Laxminandan says I made business work, but I did not become a good husband and a good dad. He asks him to become a good husband. He says he has to leave for Dubai soon, and that they will select a day for the marriage.
Kumud comes to the mandir, and could not face her Lord, she lights the diya. She does the puja and her mother comes, she asks what happened you today, she asks for the aarti.
She stops Kumud, and Kumud gives her the aarti. Kumud could not look into her mother’s eyes, her mother is shocked and does not understand her behavior, the aarti is about to fall, but does not. Her mother takes it and keep it in the mandir. She tales Kumud along with her to her room, and closes the door, she says she is seeing her since morning, what happened.
She says what is the matter, don’t be silent, I m worried. She says I have trusted you always, and supported me. Kumud cries and says how can I say that I have broken your trust. Her mother sits by shock.
Kumud says you have always supported me, but today she does not deserve her trust. I m feeling ashamed to stand infront of you. She hugs her mother and cries. She says I did not realize when I broke my limits. Her mother looks at her shocked. Kumud says she was not your Kumud, now I won’t be able to see in your eyes. Kumud asks her to beat her.
Kumud says, beat me, what have I done. Her mother says keep quiet, nothing happened, erase this story, no one should know about it, not even your dad. She hugs her.
Kumud cries a lot.

Kumud says I have cheated myself too, Badimaa says Kumud’s mother that Saras is like gold, he will keep Kumud happy.