maj 31, 2013

Tellychakkar enters into a conversation with Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa's Drashti Dhami and her choreographer Salman Yusuff Khan

Drashti Dhami and her choreographer Salman Yusuff Khan
Colors’ Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa is back with Season 6. And, while talking about the show, how can we forget about its super cool and talented contestants?
Amongst the twelve contestants, we got in conversation with the lovely lass Drashti Dhami. Drashti, as we all know is stabbing hearts with her impeccable performance as Madhu in Colors’ Madhubala (Nautanki Telefilms).
So what was your first reaction when you were offered Jhalak? “I got pretty excited, but later when people started calling to wish me luck, I got a little scared. I thought that it would be a big task for me to cope up and balance both Jhalak… andMadhubala. Though I am having sleepless nights, I am thoroughly enjoying the journey. So, I am hoping for the best,” she avers.
Tell us something about your choreographer Salman (Yusuff Khan)? “When I came to know that Salman is my choreographer, my first reaction was like ‘wow’. But the very second line I got to listen from Salman is, “I am a perfectionist and until you don’t get your steps correctly, I won’t let you go home.” And, believe me, for a second I was numb but in return, I told him that when I am tired I get snappy. But, all said and done, he is a very patient and hard working guy,” observes Drashti.
Now Salman, what was your reaction when you got to know that Drashti would be partnering you? “Well, when I met her for the first time, I could not judge her but after our first rehearsals I was happy and thought that yes, together, with hard work, we can put up a good show.”
Can you name one particular judge you and Drashti are really scared of? “Frankly speaking, Drashti is scared of all the three judges. Like for her very first performance, she was every bit nervous. But I am trying to de-stress her,” maintains Salman.
Drashti, who do you think is your competitor in Jhalak…? “We haven’t given a thought about it yet, because everybody is good and giving their best. So, genuinely we don’t know who among us would excel. And yes, anyone can come out as a surprise package and so can we,” Drashti answers.
Salman, you have always tried something different in the earlier seasons of the show. So this time around, what new we can watch and expect from you on stage? “Yes, this time also I will try something new because nowadays audiences have become very smart. They understand everything about choreography like what is hip pop, contemporary, locking and popping. So, we will entertain the viewers every single time in a new way,” ends the confident-looking Salman.
Drashti and Salman, go for it!!!