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Pavitra Rishta - 31st May, 2013 - Written Update!!

Episode starts with Archu asking about Ovi, Arjun, and their daughter. She says, I want to meet them.. want to play with their daughter. Purvi says, Pari is with Arjun. Archu says, such a sweet name. She asks them to call Pari here. Purvi goes outside to send Arjun in.
Arjun is sitting in the lobby with Pari. Purvi tells him that Archu wants to see him and Pari. She asks him to take Pari with him as well. Arjun leaves.
Purvi then calls Ovi. Ovi sees her name and disconnects in anger. Purvi calls again. This time Ovi picks up and shouts at her. Purvi says, I called to tell you about aai. Ovi calms down now and asks what happened to aai, if everything is fine? Purvi says, aai came out of the coma.. we talked with her and everything is fine. Ovi gets happy. Purvi says, but doctor said that aai doesn’t know anything about what happened after that incident. She says we have to be normal in front of her. Purvi asks her to call Archu if possible, and don’t tell her anything.
Archu is playing with Pari. She then asks Arjun about Ovi. Arjun doesn’t know what to say. and right then he gets Ovi’s call. He asks her, how are you? Ovi says, I didn’t call to talk with you.. give to aai. Arjun passes the phone to Archu. Ovi gets emotional and starts crying hearing Archu’s voice. Archu says, now I am fine.. you can meet me anytime you want.. you can live with me as well. She then asks Ovi, why didn’t you come to meet me? Where are you right now? Ovi says, canada. Archu asks, what are you doing there? Your daughter is so small and you left her alone. Ovi says, I had some important work so I had to come. Archu says, there can’t be any more important work than Pari. Archu explains Ovi, Pari needs you right now.. don’t leave her alone. And when are you coming back? Ovi says, I will be back very soon. Before hanging, Archu tells her to talk with Arjun, but Ovi refuses saying she has some work.
Archu now asks about Onir to Purvi. Purvi says, he went out for an emergency case. Once he’s back, he will meet you.
Purvi returns home with Pari. Shalini opens the door and asks her, you’re back so early? How’s your aai? Purvi answers, she is fine now. Onir is then telling about him planning for dinner outside. Purvi says, I want to talk with Onir alone.. Shalini goes outside and listens their conversation.
Purvi is angry at Onir as he didn’t go to meet Archu. Onir says, I am too busy with work. Purvi says, I cannot believe you’re saying this.. you used to care about others more than yourself. Shalini gets happy as they are fighting. Purvi says, why are you so changed now? etc.. Onir gets mad and says, enough.. I don’t to hear your nonsense anymore. He leaves from there.
Purvi is crying. Shalini comes in and asks her if she is fine.. and if she wants her to do anything. Purvi says, there’s no need for that.
Back in hospital, Gauri does Archu’s checkup and tells her everything is normal now. Archu thanks Gauri and says, it’s all thanks to you. If you were not there, then I wouldn’t be alive today. Soham comes there with juice. Archu introduces Gauri to Soham. Gauri forwards her hand to him, but he doesn’t shake hands and just says Namaste, joining his hands. Archu asks Soham, where are you living right now? Soham says, I am living in this city only and is about tell her more.. but Gauri stops him. She says, it’s time for her to rest now. Soham goes outside.
When Gauri comes outside, Soham and her have an argument. He asks her how you dared to send me out? Gauri explains him that Archu doesn’t know anything about what happened in last 2 months and they have to behave as if everything is normal. Their argument continues, Gauri then leaves saying with whom I am arguing.
In night, Purvi comes back to the hospital. She meets Arjun. Arjun thanks her for calling Ovi and telling everything about Archu. He then asks her about Onir. Purvi says, he didn’t come.. and he is so changed now. She then gets quiet. Arjun says, you can share your problem with me. I know what you’re going through and it’s all connected to Onir. Did you find out anything about Kimshukh and Shalini? Purvi says, Shalini got job in Onir’s company so soon she will leave. Arjun says, I told Onir if Shalini needs any job, then she can work in my company. Purvi says, he didn’t tell me anything about that. Arjun says, I had doubt on him from before.. And before he says anything else, Onir comes there so Arjun gets quiet.
Purvi gets surprised and asks him, you’re here? Onir says, yes.. I am here. He laughs and says, first you were complaining that I don’t come to see aai, and when I come you get surprised. He says, you should be because I caught you two meeting with each other behind my back. Does Arjun again have excuse of Pari? Purvi says, you’re doubting on me? He says, no.. I am just saying you two don’t need to meet behind my back because I don’t have any problem. And Arjun is Pari’s father in end. Arjun tells him, you don’t need to talk like that to Purvi. Onir says, wait a minute.. she is my wife.. you don’t need to interfere between us. I never interfered between you two. He asks them to carry on and leaves.
Arjun tells Purvi, I am sorry but I was talking about this behaviour only. He then tells her that he hired a detective. Purvi gets surprised. Arjun says, i am sorry.. I know i should have told you about it first, but now after seeing his behaviour like this.. I think I did the right thing. I don’t want his past to affect Pari and you.
Purvi tells him to keep Pari with him until Archu finds out everything. Arjun says, but how will you be able to live without her? Purvi says, I will manage.. just make sure aai doesn’t find out the truth. She leaves from there and goes to Archu’s room.
Purvi tells her, I brought home made food for you. Archu says, give me fast.. I am very hungry. Savita tells Archu that Teju learned cooking now. Archu is surprised. Teju says, I started with kandhapuri. Archu says, when I come home.. make kandhapuri for me. Archu now asks about Sunny and Teju’s rishta. Savita says her and Manav took care of everything in her absence. Archu says, it’s good you agreed.. we will get Teju and Sunny married very soon.
Archu asks Manav to call Ovi and asks her when she’s coming. Manav says, she said she will finish her work and come after a week.. so just wait.
Precap: Ovi comes to the hospital before a week is done and Archu is happy to see her.

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