maj 30, 2013

Sultan & Padmini plan for next step to stop Madhubala’s marriage

Sultan & Padmini plan for next step to stop Madhubala’s marriageIt's time that Sultan, Padmini and Deepali make their moves to stop RK (Vivian Desena) and Madhubala's (Drashti Dhami) wedding before it effects anyone badly in Madhubala Ek Ishq EK Junoon on Colors.
Sultan (Avinesh Rekhi) will go to talk to Madhubala and Madhubala will see her mangalsutra and Saree which she kept with her as memory of what RK did with her.
In the last episode Padmini sent Madhubala’s mangalsutra, her clothes she wore on the day RK left her again taking 4 rounds of marriage.
Dipali knew that Padmini sent all this to stop Madhubala but these things will intern burn fire running inside Madhubala.
In the upcoming episode of Madhubala, Sultan will go to meet Madhubala at a place where she goes to see some kids.
Just when Sultan will be about to step towards Madhubala, RK will come at that place and will call Madhubala’s name loudly.
RK will tell Madhubala that she forgot something at home which RK bought for her.