maj 31, 2013

Neil to propose Nandini; wants her back in life in Zee TV's Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan

Bhaumik Sampat and Additi Gupta
With Neil (Bhaumik Sampat) coming back in Nandini’s (Additi Gupta) life, their love story has got a push in Zee TV’s Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan (Ravi Ojha Productions). However, the lady isn’t ready to move out of her past. And if sources are to be believed, Neil is about to show her the mirror.
As seen so far, Neil and Nandini were in a relationship before he left for his medical studies. But, equations changed between the two as he did not get back to her. She then went ahead and married Anirrudh (Abhinav Shukla).
But now Neil is back and has also learnt about Nandini’s situation. Therefore, he wants her to get back in his life. In fact, in the upcoming episodes, he will invite her to his place and the pretty lady will visit her ex-lover. This is when they will go through a flashback of their moments in togetherness while they were in love.
With the past memories starting to make their presence felt, Neil will suggest Nandini to come back in his life but she will decline the offer. But, the kind of person Neil is, he will not give up and try to persuade her by saying ill things about her husband. In spite of knowing that Annirudh’s memories would hurt Nandini, he will continue talking about Annirudh’s affair with another woman and call him a cheat. This will agitate Nandini so much that she will walk out of his house.
So, will Nandini ponder on Neil’s proposal? Well it’s for the audiences to wait and watch.
When we contacted Bhaumik, he said, “Nandini is still in love with Neil and he knows it very well. Therefore, he will try filling the empty space in her life.”
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