maj 28, 2013

Madhubala - 28th May, 2013 - Written Update!!

Dips hears the news announcing contest ‘Begani shadi me zubardasti Dulha ko dewana banaya ja raha hai’ Sikky comes n asks what if they are connected to Sultan? As Dips turns to chide him…she observes he is full on in yellow.. n he says.. Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow!
Dips says..dun care.. if Yellow or Red n Sikky says… she does ..hence trying to turn Yellow to Red..! Sikky suggests to wear hot Yellow saree so people think she is on FIRE!
Dips asks him to shut up n thinks to spread darkness so..the bright yellow theme turns to dark black.. n pleads to God! Sikky asks her to go to God n plead..!!
Madhu n Radha arrive at orphanage.. n Radha asks her gift got waste.. why r they here? Madhu takes her to meet the kids..! Sultan arrives there!
Trish cuts calls from press n cribs about people asking them about being part of wedding or not! She tells Paddo that seems Madhu is undergoing a change of heart n that she still loves RK …! Paddo chides Trish …n says how she is terrified for Madhu n Trish is busy dreaming..!
Paddo shows.. Trish the red saree.. n mangalsutra.. Madhu kept ..the day RK broke her heart..n reminds Trish of that fateful night! She says..she wants to remind Madhu of that horrid night n what all RK did..!
Paddo takes the saree – mangalsutra n heads to meet Madhu
Madhu greets the kids.. n then introes Radha to the kids n the supervisor She starts distributing gifts to the kids.. Sultanwalks towards Madhu
Madhu shares how Paddo brought them to an NGO [Touch] and how snatching a childs innocence is against humanity ..!! She shares what all activity Touch does for the kids… give books.. volunteer for teaching.. painting contest.. n all thecourses ..they have ..!!
She talks of her mothers struggle… n how Roma-Malik supported them. .but not all are so lucky! She asks Radha to spend time with her n the kids. .as a GIFT!
Paddo arrives at RK mansion … looks at the decorations around.. n Dips greets her.. ! She says wanna meet Madhu n Dips replies… ‘Aapki beti ..apne hone wali saas … aur adhe hogaye. .adhe reh gaye pati ke sath bahar gaye hai’
She tells Paddo that. .Madhu is mad.. ready to ruin herself.. n even Paddo din do anything! Dips snatches the bag with Madhus saree n mangalsutra..! As she tries to taunt Paddo … Paddo says..why din she do anything n stop the wedding..?? Trying to cause pain to Madhu ..
Dips asks Paddo not to make her character certificate when Madhu has come down to such characterless acts..!!
Part 2
Dips remembers the saree … n tells Sikky gift from Chawl balas mom to her!
Dips says..that Paddo doesnt know her daughter.. these clothes will only ignite the fire in Madhus heart more..!!
As Sultan is about to reach out to Madhu . RK arrives! Sultan is about to walk to Madhu when RK says.. BIWI u forgot something.. n Madhu smiles..hearing his voice ..!!
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