maj 27, 2013

Saraswatichandra - 27th May, 2013 - Written Update!!

The Episode starts with Ghuman and Kumud in a verbal cat fight. Kumud says you would have not get married to Laxminandan if equalities were seen, but Ghuman says I m married to Laxminandan and thats the truth, Ghuman asks did Saras tell you that he loves you. If not, then how will he marry you, he fears of making a relation, he will never say yes to you. Remember this, Kumud gets worried, and Ghuman leaves.
Scene shifts to Laxminandan
Laxminandan come to Saras and says I have come to your room for the first time. I had to talk to you, so I came. He says I visited by the place where Saraswati used to go, and there is the lake in which.. He says don’t stop me today. He talks about Saraswati and says I m responsible for her, I left her and she was my wife and the mother of my child, I forgot that. After she left, I did not cry in front of you and never hugged you. Do you know why? I feared to see in your eyes. I felt I took away your mother from you. After that, I used to say to myself that I am giving the best to my son, but no, I could not return you the thing which I took from you. You wanted love, and I left you alone. Saras just listens. He further says, please forgive me, give me a chance to become your father. Saras hugs him.
Saras says I missed you a lot dad, and maybe now I can believe that my mother has gone, because you are with me. He asks if your mum was with me, you would have told whats in your heart. He says I want to ask you something, Do you like Kumud. Saras nods yes. Laxminandan gets happy. He says you can change your no to yes and I m with you. They both smile. Laxminandan leaves.
Scene shifts to Vidyachatur:
Jayantilal calls the band. Vidyachatur gives them the instructions and asks them to give the demo. They play the song. Vidyachatur asks them to play a Gujarati song and sings a song. They play as per instructed. His wife comes and calls him. She says come fast, Badimaa fainted. She says you did not tell me whats the mattter. He says her husband came back. Kumud’s mother is shocked. They all rush to her.
Vidyachatur says Badimaa that I will not let him come close to us, Badimaa says he came, and I have seen him in our house at the Sangeet function, Kumud’s mother tells you should have told us. Badimaa says I m unable to concentrate on the marriage function, Vidyachatur says I will focus on you and Kumari now.
Scene shifts to the hall:
The girl are having a good time and seeing the girl’s hands. Kumadi says I will have love marriage, Kusum asks how can you say. Kumari says lets see Yash’s hand. He jokes I m jobless, who will give me the girl. Kumari calls Saras, and asks him to sit. She says Rupal will see your hand and say what type of marriage you will have. Sunny shows his hand, Rupal says you will not get married. She asks Saras to show his hand. He shows and Rupal says he will have arrange marriage. Saras thinks he will be having a love marriage that the whole family will see.
Ghuman is talking to her son Danny and Yash’s mother comes there. She says Yash is talented, and says he got something. Yash shows a necklace, Ghuman says where did you get it. She says a girl was wearing it, and Yash brought it. Ghuman says these silly people have brought the necklace which I kept in Kumud’s room. Yash’s mother asks her to send Yash to Mumbai. Yash also requests Ghuman. Ghuman says no one gets all the things easily, and she will tell him when to leave for Mumbai.
Ghuman is furious, that she would have proved Kumud to be a thief infront of Saras. She says I will not let her win.
The next morning, Saras is thinking about Kumud, and that she needs a good story, he thinks how will I give her a story, how will I tell her in front of everyone, how can I propose her. He says I will practice and win Kumud’s heart, else I will lose her heart. He practices saying Miss. Kumud Desai, will you become Mrs. Kumud Vyas. Sunny comes there and says its tough for you, but if you do not pass. Saras says this is about my life, and I will pass. Saras practices and Sunny laughs on him. Sunny says shall I write and give you. Saras says no. Sunny says speak your heart out, with love, you will pass. Saras thinks about it, and says Sunny is right. Its really about the heart. I will say what my heart says. He smiles.
Saras comes in the hall and looks at the Bhagwaan, he smiles and goes to the Mandir. He says I have come to take your blessings, I am going to tell my feeling to Kumud infront of everyone. Please support me, I don’t know since when we love each other, but I know no one can erase her name from my heart, just as no one can separate Radha ji’s name from you. I m going to give our relation a name, please let me pass if my love is true.
Kumud is crying and asks her mother to beat her. Kumud’s mother says Kumud, hold up yourself.