maj 27, 2013

Madhubala: Salman Khan to grace RK (Vivian) & Madhubala’s wedding

Madhubala: Salman Khan to grace RK (Vivian) & Madhubala’s wedding
RK (Vivian Dsena) is yet to decide gift he will give to his beloved would be wife Madhubala (Drashti Dhami) on their wedding in Madhubala Ek ishq ek junoon.
Also Salman Khan will be coming to make their wedding special.
In previous episode, Madhubala let RK change her clothes bringing in confidence that Madhubala actually intends to marry RK now.
RK even remained calm after attending Sultan's call on Madhhubala’s number showing his trust on Madhubala.
Now RK and Madhubala becomes real couple without any doubts on their intentions.
Salman Khan is invited with a special invitation card to visit RK’s wedding. RK’s mother thinks Rishabh is also little bit like Salman and also RK is a big fan of him.
Also to make wedding special, RK decides to give a different and special gift to Madhubala. RK kept a contest to receive ideas for the gift he wants to give to Madhubala on wedding.
Diamond studded Kohinoor gems studded jewelry, diamond studded Banarasi saree, party in Taj Mahal and all Bitto ji’s ideas are already rejected by RK. RK wants to give a gift in RK style.
What will be the gift chosen by RK? How will be the wedding look like with big celebrities?