maj 30, 2013

R.K To Take Away Madhu From Radha’s Room In Night & Madhu Decide To Confess About Her Intension In Madhubala

 In Last Episode It Was Shown How RK tells Madhubala that she forgot something at home. RK then gives a cheque to the owner of the orphanage. Madhubala declares that the cheque is from the whole team of Madhubala & During the Haldi ceremony, R.K tries to apply some Haldi on Madhu. 

Our Source Inform Us That R.K Will Be Successful In Applying Haldi On Madhu & R.K will inform Madhu that since he was successful in applying Haldi on her, so he wins the bet.After That ritual R.K will be Unable to sleep,so  RK will  pick up Madhu from Radha’s room and will leave her back in the morning. On the wedding day, he will speak to Madhu about starting their relationship based on honesty.While R.K leaves for the rituals, Madhu will  feel  guilty so She will  decide to confess to R.K about her intentions. On the other hand, Sultan will  get into the R.K mansion as a jewelry seller.