maj 29, 2013

Annie"Rano" Gill gets emotional on last day shoot of Anamika

Annie Gill who is seen in Anamika on Sony Tv opposite Jeet is done with her stint on the show and will now be going on a much deserved break to her hometown. She isn't keeping well for quite some time is suffering from cervical spondylosis and needs rest as of now.

It was nostalgic for the cast to bid adieu as its been seven months that they are shooting together and one fine day Annie had to leave.
Annie Gill  shares her feelings with Tellybuzz, "I am still in tears as I can't believe I am going away. Everyone loves me so much and I am attached to the show. I was aware that Rano will have to die in the show but I am also happy that so many people love me. I never imagined there are so many people who actually want me and  miss me. I don't consider myself as a great actor but I feel I act fairly well and the best part is for every actor is when you are recognized by your screen name and that impact is high."
She further continues saying "There are fan mails, letters, face book messages asking why did I quit the show? My answer to them is I always knew that Rano would die in the show as per the script and thus its happening. I am also not keeping well as I am suffering from Cervical spondylosis and will be going home up north on 1st June to get pampered and rejuvenate. I am on break post-Anamika as I want to get well first and while shooting I couldn't rest as I stay alone here in Mumbai so I don't care for myself too much. Once I go home my mother will pamper me."
Talking about her track she says, "I will be dying in the show and going out of Jeet's life forever and I must say its beautifully shot. The chemistry we share as best friends was amazing. We shot a very emotional scene and the dialogues were not what was scripted as we went on with the flow. Post our shot the entire cast had tears in their eyes and I also started crying. I would say that that this was indeed the best scene that I and Mudit ever shot during Anamika. Before leaving I saw my room, and also wrote tiny letters to all my co-stars and tears started rolling down my eyes. I will miss them to the core."
She concludes, "I wish the team all the very best and would like to thank my friends and fans for loving me so much as well as the production house and channel for giving me this opportunity. I am sure Rano and Jeet (Mudit Nayar) will be remembered."
Here's wishing Annie all the very best and a get well soon wish.