maj 28, 2013

Balika Vadhu - 28th May, 2013 - Written Update!!

On phone:
Saanchi is telling Jagya that her project was a superhit due to him, and now her college has requested him to give a lecture to students. J says he can't do it and he will find himself very nervous in front of so many students. Saanchi insists. J says she has put him in an awkward situation, however he gives in. Saanchi tells him that she will see him tomorrow and asks him to arrange for his travel.
Outside KB
Anandi feels sorry for Ds, but Ds says since it was her mistake, she wanted to apologise for it. She blesses Anandi to live happily in her married life. She gives some money as shagun to both Shiv and Anandi. The couple seeks blessings from Ds and Bhairon. They leave for Jaitser.
At Jaitser hospital:
Dr. Jagdish examines Gehna, does her sonography and shows the growing baby's sonography to Basant and Gehna. They both feel very happy. Jagya advises B on how to care for Gehna and asks him to take her out and enjoy.
He then advises his colleague that he will be leaving for Udaipur the next day. He receives a call from Ds asking him to come immediately. Mannu is crying in haveli. He was ill. Ganga does not want to leave her crying baby behind, but Ds insist her to go for exam. She asks her to think practically and not to miss her exam. Ganga is not convinced, but Ds tells her to trust her and Sumitra. She says that it is just fever, and they will take care of her son. Ganga agrees.
Examination Center:
Ganga reaches the examination hall and keeps Mannu's photo on her desk. A male supervisor asks her what is she holding. At first G hides the pic from him but on insisting enough she shows the pic and tells him it is her son's pic. Supervisor says she can't keep such photos during exams. G really insists that she wants to keep the pic. A lady supervisor asks her if something is troubling her and then permits her to keep the pic. She says being a woman she is able to understand another woman's pain. Male supervisor is not very happy but gives in.
G stares at the photo and apologizes to Mannu for leaving him behind crying and then thinks of her dream to make Mannu a responsible citizen. Focuses on her exams finally.
At haveli:
J is playing with Mannu, and complaining that the little kid can make him get tired. G comes home and gets very happy & emotional seeing Mannu play. She feels very grateful towards Singhs. She touches Ds feet. Ds also tells her that Mannu is now part of their family. He is extremely adorable.
G says she didn't do well in her paper as she was worried for Mannu. Ds says not to worry all will be fine. She concludes allmothers are so soft-hearted. G feeds Mannu. J tells Ds about his plans to go to Udaipur.
At KB:
A tells Shiv that Ira has reached her brother's place safely. Anandi shares her feelings to Shiv and thinks that Ira left because of the way she hurt (Ds fiasco). Shiv says in that case its best that Ira left. Change of atmosphere will bring her back to her normal self. A is still worried.
Voice over:
When a person is not able to forgive, it affects their existing relationships.
Precap: AnSh are touring out together. Saanch;s friends insist J to stay back and attend a party. J refuses but all insist.