maj 20, 2013

TellyTadka Top 5 Scenes of the Week: Saraswatichandra “Mukammal Mohabbat Ki Adhoori Daastan”

Yeh toh hona hi tha…….After all Guman has been burning with rage, her hands itching that nothing is going as per her plan, that all the hard work she has been doing for the past 20 Years is going down the drain one after the other. She used everything that came her way to get Saras and Kumud seperated, even the slightest amount of closeness the duo shared was put to halt with her “4 Kadam ki doori” advice…but all thanks to Dugba one after the other Guman’s antics were failing and most importantly the wall she had built between the father son duo had come crashing down the moment Kumud decided to bring Saras back to his old self, his true self.
The Scene that features in TellyTadka Top 5 Scenes of the week is the war of words, the Clash of the Titans aka Clash of Vidyachatur/Kumud Vs Laxminandan/Saras. Guman was looking for an opportunity to separate the friends aka Laxminandan and Vidyachatur and we all know that if she does not get an opportunity she makes one, and that’s exactly what happens here too…..
1129  TellyTadka Top 5 Scenes of the Week: Saraswatichandra Mukammal Mohabbat Ki Adhoori DaastanGuman with her sugar coated words makes Laxminandan feel that it was best that he returned the money that Vidyachatur had given the former after mortgaging his Haveli when his best friend Nandu wanted to go abroad. Laxminandan dalls for Guman’s words overseeing the fact that this could hurt his best friend Vidya’s Swabhimaan (Selfrespect) and hands over the money back which does not go down well with Vidyachatur. The two best friends get caught up in a heated argument. Vidyachatur as well all know is a Short-tempered man, he has a tendency to blow thing out of proportion because he takes it too personal. We have witnessed this when Guman exposed the truth of Saras coming to Ratnanagiri to reject Kumud’s proposal and Kumud knowing about the entire thing all that while. Guman skillfully targets the same aspect “Swabhimaan” once again to get her game rolling into motion.
1244  TellyTadka Top 5 Scenes of the Week: Saraswatichandra Mukammal Mohabbat Ki Adhoori Daastan
While an outsider would have misunderstood their fight for something of great intensity, the reality was that the two were actually fighting for the other’s well being. Vidyachatur had mortgaged his Havel for Laxminandan, so that his friend’s dreams and aspirations would be fulfilled and Laxminandan knowing the attachment Vidyachatur had towards his Ancestral Mansion made sure he brought it before anybody else would so that Vidya could always have his Mansion to himself. But sadly things get out of hand, Vidyachatur clearly gets carried away forcing Saras to intervene and when he steps up to speak in favor of his dad how could Kumud stand back??? Kumud and Saras to protect the name, honor and dignity of their fathers get into a war of words with each other forgetting that just a few mins back there was something beautiful that existed between them.
1317  TellyTadka Top 5 Scenes of the Week: Saraswatichandra Mukammal Mohabbat Ki Adhoori DaastanThe scene was a prelude to the fact that things are never going to be easy for Kumud and Saras. Yes we agree that the two are experiencing something new, something different and beautiful and have also named it Love, but was that enough? A small light breeze initiated by Guman could push the two to either ends. Saras and Kumud both are hot-headed; they are strong opinionated people who are almost always ready with a knife to slit each other’s throats for things that mattered to them. And as sensible and responsible they can be at times they can be equally immature too, and we have had several instances to support this theory and now this one too. If Saras and Kumud will keep bringing things between them, then it would be easy for Guman to break them apart, and even before it their love blooms, it would wither away.
Coming back the scene stood out for its stunning performances. Chetan Pandit, Yatin Karyekar, Gautam Rode, Jennifer Winget and Monica Medi nailed their respective roles, took the whole sequence altogether to another level and also for the fact that this was a warning sign, another such MU is to be expected because as long as Guman is there is always a high chance risk, and though Dugba was able to induce some sense into Vidyachatur and Laxminandan on how their fight led to Kumud and Saras harboring anger for each other, but the next time things may not be this simple.
Author: Vijitha Rajan