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TellyTadka Top 5 Scenes of the Week: Punar Vivaah- Zindagi Milegi Dobara.

While this marks the last week for Punar Vivaah-Zindagi Milegi Dobara aka Season 1, TellyTadka is indeed happy to feature Punar Vivaah in the top 5 Scenes for one of it’s most bold and daring act. Ab tak toh you guys must have guessed which the scene is since “BOLD” and “DARING” came up and yes you have guessed it right.
Sexual Violation of a Man, by a Woman. How many times do you get to witness something like that on Small Screen? The Answer is Simple “NEVER”. After the Akshay-Priyanka-Kareena Starrer AITRAAZ which she light on a similar topic on the Silver Screen, we are sure that Punar Vivaah one of the most popular shows on TV today stands next in row to not only have incorporated such an Idea and Sequence but also to film it Brilliantly.
1414 TellyTadka Top 5 Scenes of the Week: Punar Vivaah  Zindagi Milegi Dobara.
This particular scene was aired on 14th May 2013 that is when 3 Episodes remained before Season 1 Ended, it did make us wonder why such a sequence was Incorporated at this Last Moment, when the show was about end? Ishita was obsessively in Love with Yash- Check. Aarti came to Know of it- Check, the only thing left was for Yash to know of Ishita’s true intentions and the makers could have taken any other route for this purpose but they chose to go the Aitraaz way with their own Tadka, in this last moment……Why? The only possible reason we could come up with was that this could have been an attempt to highlight the main theme of the show- Punar Vivaah. When the show started this marriage, this Punar Vivaah was just a means of giving their children what they lacked. A Father for Ansh and a Mother for PayPal. With the passage of time their relationship gRew, they became friends, started to understand the other better and slowly and steadily it was built into something much more supreme, beautiful, divine and pure.
1512 TellyTadka Top 5 Scenes of the Week: Punar Vivaah  Zindagi Milegi Dobara.
Initially for Yash his world revolved around Arpita, the same goes for Aarti who couldn’t think past Prashant though he left her for another woman and better comforts in life, but the moment fate played cupid, the moment Love, Passion, Commitment seeped in and their marriage, this PUNAR VIVAAH truly found its meaning “Zindagi Mil Gayi Dobara”. Onc glance at Aarti-Yash and their kids and it was impossible to tell that the blissful life they were living was a result of a Punar Vivaah. While Punar Vivaah can be looked down upon, while many who give into a re-marriage are almost always unsure of it the Mittals tried to showcase that a relationship turns out t be the way you want it to be, and this is probably what the PV team is trying to tell with the incorporation of such a sequence in this last moment . Ishita wanted Yash by hook or by crook, while she kept chanting about her love to Yash, her actions always spoke volumes about her feeling for Yash not even being remotely close to LOVE but LUST. In an attempt to win, in an attempt to gain what she think is rightfully hers Ishita tricks Yash in the name of Aayu (AarYa’s Lost Baby), spikes his drink, leads him into a Room and tries to Sexually Violate him because she feels that this is the only way she can separate AarYa. The key point to note here is that Ishita very well understands not only Aarti’s POV but she also Yash’s. She knows in full sense Yash will never reciprocate her feelings or give in to her, so she decides to take the twisted route.
1610 TellyTadka Top 5 Scenes of the Week: Punar Vivaah  Zindagi Milegi Dobara.
Yash was losing consciousness rapidly, most of the men in his state under such circumstances would have given in easily but it was refreshing to see how Yash kept pushing Ishita away, how he kept asking and calling out for/to Aarti. We are sure that had Ishita said that she was Aarti in order to get Yash, he still would have sensed/realized that this was not his Aarti. Yash has always been a “One Man Woman” and no amount of Ishita throwing herself on to him like a desperate, lusty woman made him deter from his stand evn in a state of half -unconsciousness. Same goes for Aarti, the moment she reaches the room and pushes open it the scene in front of her was a sly Ishita lying on top of a half-dressed Yash, Her Yash. Aarti could have very well misunderstood him instead she storms upto Ishita, grabs her by the arm and throws her away, far far away from her Yash. Aarti slaps Ishita not once but twice for kidnapping her kid, trying to take advantage of her husband by getting him unconscious and ties Ishita to the nearby couch with the Pallu of her saree and splashes water on Yash to bring him back to consciousness. Aarti was betrayed in LOVE, that too for another woman, taking into consideration what she saw the moment she entered the room, any woman in Aarti’s place would have doubted Yash’s loyalty, but we are sure had Ishita even framed Yash to be the culprit or anything on those lines Aarti would still not believe her, rather would have made sure that Ishita never speaks ill of her Husband ever again.
1710 TellyTadka Top 5 Scenes of the Week: Punar Vivaah  Zindagi Milegi Dobara.
AarYa in the scene epitomized what Loyalty, Trust, Faith and True Love is all about. Like Yash said in the following episode one of the 7 Vachan’s in their Marriage by him was to protect his Ardhangini aka Aarti in times of trouble, but here Aarti like a true Ardhangini proves that she had equal responsibility to save her husband if the occasion calls for it. Like we said Vivaah-Punar Vivaah etc is just a name given to the act, what truly matters is what and how one wants their relationship to be….to mold into.
Amazing Scene, flawless execution and brilliant acting by Gurmeet Choudhary and Kratika Sengar. But Special Mention to Heena Parmar who had the toughest role to pull and make believe which she did with aplomb.
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Author: Vijitha Rajan