maj 20, 2013

TellyTadka Top 5 Scenes of the Week: Qubool Hai!!!

Sometimes the most simplest things may be the ones of great importance. The subtly said words may be the ones that become a guiding force in life…..And from Qubool Hai this week we have one such scene that has made it into our top 5 Scenes list.
Asad and Zoya’s upcoming wedding was the main Topic of Discussion in the Khan Mansion. This was a moment of pride for Dilshaad as her son was finally getting married, for Asad and Zoya who nurtured feelings for each other, who were in love but couldn’t accpet it to themselves or the other they had termed it “Nakli….Nakli Sagaai, Nagli Nikaah” etc but with the entry of Zoya’s Aapi (Thanks to Tanveer) Asad who in the previous episode almost confessed that his feelings for Zoya were real (To Himself and Ayaan) confessed it out loud that all that was happening was real……But he still hadn’t confessed the same to Zoya. Zoya was happy but all the more confused by Asad’s confession and believed it all to be a lie rather than considering it a possibility, because that’s what Asad kept reminding her 24×7 that all this was Fake.
183  TellyTadka Top 5 Scenes of the Week: Qubool Hai!!!Though other may or maynot be able to conure what Asad said, Asad’s mom Dilshaad understood that Asad was in love with Zoya, but there as something that stopped him from admitting his love. In order to help Asad, Dilshaad who till date took the High BP wala drama route confesses that it was all a drama and that she is releasing Asad from the guilt of doing all this for her sake. In turn Asad confesses that he knew all about Dilshaad being hale and hearty by the grace of Allah, which gives Dilshaad a more concrete reason to question Asad about his feelings.
Asad always got stuck at one point that the two were different, was it truly a matter of concern? Or was it just an excuse to not marry because of what happened to his Mom was what followed next. Dilsshaad speaks out Asad’s fears, his insecurity and makes him accept his feelings for Zoya. Dilshaad tells Asad all those things that he could not admit to himself….. “Jab do alag alag log, alag alag nazariyon ke saat ek hone ka faisla karte hai, usi ko toh mohabbat kehte hai” was her first word of advice for Asad.
“Zindagi mein ek dusre ke jaisa hone zaroori nahi hai, ek doosre ke liye hona zaroori hai”. Asad deep down knew what Dilshaad was telling was true…..Wantingly or unwantingly, knowingly or unknowingly Asad has always ended up being there for Zoya and vice-versa. They completed each other and he knew that it was true, she made him alive, she made him feel different and this was something that Asad couldn’t deny. This was the same reason that Asad Ahmed Khan who kept telling Zoya a dozen times, all this was fake admitted to it all being true in front of Zeenat Aapi….All that was left for him was to admit it to Zoya and Asad knew that deep down she too felt the same.
Author: Vijitha Rajan