maj 10, 2013

Sanskaar-Dharohar Apnon Ki ” Imported Bahu ne kiya Dhamaal”

sans1 Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki  Imported Bahu ne kiya Dhamaal

Go Bhoomi Go……
Wow Imported Bahu ki kya baat hai??? Bhoomi rockked tonight and hands down the way she was portrayed, the zeal, the positivity, the will to do something and not let the ones who trusted her down was simply amazing. Apart from that her tit for tat session with Ketki Bahu was also applause worthy…… Kya jawab diya aaj Bhoomi ne….Bravo!!! Yes she was going through a rough phase in her life, she was asked to prove her worth, to prove that she was worthy enough to be the Vaishnav Bahu, but that did not deter her from speaking her heart out when it needed…..After seeing tonight’s episode one can say that Ketki Bhabhi literally asked for Bhoomi’s VERBAL slaps. Not once that is not just during the whole Nimbu Seed wala session but also when Ketki comes to give more of her Jali Katti talks on how Kishan should book Bhoomi’s Ticket ASAP.
Seeing such sequences makes one wonder as to how people can be so selfish, self-centered and think about nothing but hatching, plotting and causing harm to others?? Don’t get alarmed guys this question was directed only to the SOAP/SERIAL Characters, who will stop at nothing in creating problems for others and make their lives miserable. But sometimes the makers, the CV’s themselves admit to creating characters inspired from real lives to which they add other elements thus creating one of its kind but kya sach mein aisa log bhi hote hai??? Well You never know.
The conversation between Kishan’s parents was one of the highlight’s of tonight’s episode, clearly what Ansu Baa was doing in the name of Tests was wrong, and even after Bhoomi tried, and succeeded in most of them Ansu Baa neither acknowledged or accepted that Bhoomi could be the perfect choice for Kishan. Ansu Baa’s Sister in Law….aka Phui Baa who came visiting, who hardly met Bhoomi and interacted with her for just a couple of minutes gave her verdict in favor of Bhoomi, she literally said Bhoomi was the perfect choice for the Viashnav Family and it will be Bhoomi who will keep the family united. Phui Baa did not waste time in acknowledging and accepting Bhoomi as the Bahu of the Vaishnav Privaar and she does so by giving her the 1100 Rs Shagun, making it the first one that Bhoomi received.
Parul was clearly against Ansu Baa’s decisions, her respect for Ansu Baa was the only thing that stopped her from voicing it out loud……But good that she decided to have this conversation with Kishan’s Papa and decided to talk with Ansu Baa, will this conversation with Baa lead to any Sane Conclusion is beyond us, but then what was wrong in trying? Today Parul voices her fear to her husband, she tells that if Ansu Baa keeps taking these tests God Forbid Bhoomi’s will power one day may shatter completely…..While her fear as a mother was right in it’s place today’s one scene where Bhoomi decides to find out what to do with Butter Milk, how to prepare a Sweet dish from the same was proof enough that this girl was not one to give up. Plus Bhoomi’s driving force was their Love, and one that wasn’t easy to break. Ansu Baa shayad pareeksha lete lete takh jaayegi but Bhoomi pareeksha deti kabhi nahi thakegi.
It would be really wonderful if Nads came to India to meet Bhoomi, their relationship was one of the best sketched in the show and even today the small small interactions between the two surely brings a smile on to the face of the viewers……Yesterday Bhoomi called Nads for Basundhi’s recipe and Nads advices her to use her TAB where she can get solutions to anything and everything in seconds. Though today when the Milk turned sour all thanks to Ketki Bhabbi she couldn’t get Nads on the phone to help her out, she remembered Nads advice that she could Google/search out the solution to her problem from the Tab.
So Bhoomi prepares sweet with the curdled milk and is confident that she would make it on time and Phui Baa will like it, well we too are confident because as far as Phui Baa was shown she was somebody who encouraged and embraced “CHANGE”….. She did specifically ask for Basundhi but kya patha, Bhoomi’s new dish shayad hit ho jaayge??
All the best Bhoomi…..We are sure you will pass out with flying colors, or atleast we hope so.
Author: Vijitha Rajan