maj 10, 2013

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai: “Pyaar, Bharosa aiur Vishwaas”

SM 1 203 Pyaar Ka Dard Hai: Pyaar, Bharosa aiur Vishwaas

First of all Congratulations to Nakul Mehta and Disha Parmar for winning the title of Best Debut for their role of Aditya Kumar Diwan and Pankhuri Aditya Kumar in Pyar Ka Dard Hai
Paisa….Power two things that makes one become a puppet in the hands of another. This was exactly what happened yesterday in Rajshri Productions, “Pyaar ka Dard Hai…Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara”. Rubel turns Adi into a waiter because he was confident that Adi wouldn’t go against his order…Why??? One line from Adi, one request regarding his dire need of money placed before Rubel got things rolling out and it did not stop there it showed it’s impact on the Adi-Pankhuri relationship as well.
Aditya majority of the times have come across as a very impulsive character, but all his questions yesterday were proofs of how much he has grown, how much he has matured…..None of his questions were baseless or unwanted….Be it his question to Nanu as to why Nanu was standing up for him (The whole waiter scenario) when he did not do the same when he Rubel and Latika accused him of trying to molest Latika? Well full points to Adi for raising that question because no matter what the reason were, Nanu’s decision was not a righteous one, it wasn’t justified because by casting Adi out of Diwan Mansion Nanu was clearly siding with Rubel…..Maana ki Nanu willingly, in conscious mind did not side with Rubel, but take a look at it from any angle Nanu was unfair.
His questions to Pankhuri who came to his aid, who came to ensure that her husband was not insulted again were BANG ON!!! Why does Pandhuri have this dire need to become MAHAN??? Why can’t she for once act like a normal Human, a normal wife and daughter in law??? Yes the accusations made against her husband were wrong and baseless, as a good daughter-in-law she wanted to see that Nanu’s wish is full-filled but look at the price she paid for it….was any of these worth it and that too at the cost of Adi’s love, faith and trust??? It was truly paining to see Adi put forward his questions one by one and finally stating that Pankhuri never considered him as her own, she never cared for his words or even respected them. Pankhuri’s words truly hurt Adi and it was real sad that she was still trying to justify her actions……Her intentions were not wrong it was true, but look at what it did to her Adi today. His one line “In order to unite this family, you went on to hurt the person that loves you the most”……Sach hi toh hai.
The only sane person in yesterday and today’s episode was Preeti Maasi and we love her for that, it would be so damn cool if she stayed back at Diwan Mansion and saw to it that Rubel, Sheila, Latika are kicked out of the Mansion at the earliest…….Her lines were crisp and to the point and she did not even mince them. Even her conversation with Diwan Saab aka her Dad was to the point, she made him confess that he was selfish indeed. And that Pankhuri’s determination to unite the family was what made him give away to her persuasions.
Well the truth is when it comes down to Pankhuri’s decisions she just see’s herself…..Adi’s reminder of the two taking decision together was classic… There is a famous quote “Preach what you practice” but looks like when it comes down to our Hindi soaps, when time comes for the female lead to become Mahaan everything else, everything she preached until then goes for a toss. It was Adi’s helplessness, his need for Money for his father that took to his bowing before Rubel be it attending the party of then taking to becoming a Waiter. There was money problem but Avantika and Harish’s selfrespect did not allow them to burden the kids with this problem and Adi knew that him asking his parents at that point of time would only make things worse so he decided to ask help them out in his way.
Things have gotten really out of hand, Pankhuri clearly crossed a line today she has hurt Adi real bad, and Adi was not hurt that she tried to help Nanu, or expose Latika and Rubel’s plans etc because Adi knew that Pankhuri’s heart of gold was what made her take such steps but the fact that she kept him darkness, that she did not respect his words when her words were always taken into consideration and like ultimate for Adi, he may argue, he may discuss with her but at the end he would respect her views and her words, unlike Pankhuri here. Adi truly said that she has broken his trust….It was true that until he met her he did not know what Trust was, did not know it’s importance and there wasn’t even the need for it but now that he trusted her with her life how could she compromise it and break it? He was reminded of all those instances where Pankhuri could have told him the truth. He was reminded of how she promised to never break his trust, but forgot all that in her race to become Mahan.
So Mannan is not what he looks like, well we knew about this since Day 1, but his intentions, his motive was unknown but today the curtain was raised and we saw Mannan for what he truly was….So we know that Mannan deals will drugs or such pills, that his main motive was to trap Kaira and that he was not alone, somebody was guiding him, or giving him orders…..He was here to ensure that Kaira gets more addicted to the pill, that she keeps insisting on being with/around Mannan. He has already wrapped Kaira around his little finger and now with this new addiction things will definitely go up a notch higher.
There are no signs of Latika, Rubel and Sheela being exposed anytime soon, and with Pankhuri exposed before Adi, thing do not look that bright in the show. The only saving grace in tonight’s episode when it came down to Latika, Rubel, Sheela was that Rubel has started showing his true colors to his mother too. And now to see Rubel turn against his Mother will surely be something worth the wait. So stay tuned….
Author: Vijitha Rajan