maj 10, 2013

Saraswatichandra: “Hawa Ka Rukh Badal Raha Hai….”

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Go Dugba Go!!!! Su vaat che…..That was definitely a twist unexpected…..Dugba and Guman are the soul witnesses of blooming Saras-Kumud relationship……while for Guman this a threat, Dugba who has always seen the unseen and understood what’s going on inside the hearts of her kids Kumud and Saras wants to see this relationship bloom and go to the next level. Her one line to Guman the other day that if Guman forces Saras to keep “Apni dil ki baat dil mein” she’ll have to deal with Dugba and Dugba wouldn’t hesitate to kick Guman out of the house and not even Vidyachatur and Laxminandan’s friendship getting ruined would stop her from doing so. Even today in an attempt to expose Kumud , after witnessing the rendezvous between Kumud and Saras the previous night (The Love Confession) Guman falls flat on her face when Dugba steps up for Kumud and announces before all that Kumud was with her.
Since day 1 Kumud has given tit for tat answers to Guman’s taunts….and she does so ever gracefully even today “Aur Hawa Hi Badal Gayi Toh?” was like a slap on the face….It was true she was beginning to show Saras another side of life that need not be lonely, gloomy and filled with Sorrow. The first step was her trying to bridge in the gap between the father-son duos and slowly that one move was bridging the gap between Saras and Kumud as well. Till now Guman was controlling Saras’s life, but now Kumud has set him free…..he no longer was the same old brooding Saras, he was beginning to see life in a different light and the girl he rejected because he did not want her to suffer with him, was the one who set him free, who filled his life with the peace he was searching for by uniting him with his father, something Guman had made sure does not happen for the past 20 Years.
The letter passing sequence was sweet and sour. Sweet because one gets to see the Shararat of Sunny and Kumari as they helped Kumud and Saras come closer, we see the relationship between Kumud and Saras bloom with each passing moment and Sour because we also see that there is a Wolf in Sheep’s Skin aka Yash who has been implanted by Guman so that she could play her dirty games of hatching and plotting. He changes the chit passed to Kumud and also places one for Saras thus making the two falls for Guman’s trick and as expected they did. Kumud and Saras’ conversation on the terrace was something that was long due, even when she refused to show her face during the chat, when Saras landed in Ratnanagiri etc all Saras recognized was the Chan Chan of her Payal that he heard and the dangling Kamarband he saw and to recollect all those moment when she walked into the terrace, and not having the need to turn back and look was something that the CV’s executed pretty damn well…The Soul-Mate connection which has been touched upon several times in the show since day 1 saw more depth tonight. The moment Kumud and Saras realized that they have been tricked by somebody Kumud flees away from the spot.
The last scene between Kumud and Guman, where we can expect Guman’s true intentions or rather the mask she has adorned on her face being ripped off will be something to look out for, well she has finally admitted that she does not want Kumud to marry Saras, and one can hope that Kumud being the sensible, intelligent girl they have always showcased her as will put 2 and 2 together and read out that Guman is the biggest thorn in Sras’s life. It would be really interesting to see Dugba and Kumud pitted against Guman, well we know that these two women will never stoop down to Guman’s level but will give it back to her keeping their grace and poise intact and it would be something worth the entire wait.
So friends/readers and Saraswatichandra lovers how did you find tonight’s episode??? Do let us know, how this new phase, this evolvement in story especially in SaMud’s story is treating you?
Author: Vijitha Rajan