maj 10, 2013

Punar Vivaah: “Aarti bani Jhansi Rani, kiya Ishita ka haal behaal”

SM 1 132 Punar Vivaah: Aarti bani Jhansi Rani, kiya Ishita ka haal behaal

Finally Aarti was shown to come across the truth in yesterday’s episode….The photos, the letter written in blood etc left Aarti stunned and that followed by the live show of Ishita brainwashing Paridhi was enough evidence to draw conclusions about Ishita. And Aarti has always had her suspicions intact when it came to Ishita so how much time would it take for a woman like Aarti to add 2 and 2 together? The interesting part here was the skillful incorporation of a Back-Story for Ishita which shed light on why she was so obsessively in love with Yash.
Ishita was obsessively in love with Yash, and Aakash was only a way to get her Manzil which clearly was Yash. While it was kinda strange and not expected of Aarti to peep into Akash and Ishita’s bedroom her detective instincts atleast made the doubt that she had accidentally stumbled upon much more firm. It was important for Ishita to stay married to Akaash, because Divorce would mean staying away from the Scindya’s and especially YASH. So Ishita has got it all sorted out but sapne dekhne mein kisi ka kya jaat hai…..We encourage her to dream all that she wants because when it breaks, or rather when Yash and Aarti break it the Impact of the same on her would be worth all the wait.
Loved Radha Maa’s word of advice to Aarti. While Aarti was basically thinking about Ishita’s intentions, Radha Maa’s words also incidentally inclined towards the same. Radha Maa advices Aarti to not let Aayu’s kidnapping effect her relationship with Yash, and it suddenly alarms Aarti….What Radha Maa said was true ever since Aayu went missing her relationship with Yash was strained, they have coped up wth the loss, the two decided to forget everything that transpired between them ever since Aayu went missing but everything started in the first place when Aayu went missing. And by now Aarti has understood that Ishita’s one sided love has turned into such an obsession that she can go to any limit to obtain it.
It would be unfair to term Ishita as a Vamp, but yes she is the perfect example of a highly derogatory WOMAN, her thoughts, intentions and actions contribute to the same. We wonder why Yash did not say anything to Ishita when she pulled out that “UPMA” stunt with Yash? The last time she made Halwa for him and used the same tactics Yash had given her such a tight verbal slap that the scene even featured in our TT Moment of the Day. Sometimes it does get tad bit difficult to comprehend what is on Yash’s mind when it come sto Ishita because at times it looks like even Yash has his suspicions regarding Ishita and there have been quite a few sequences that direct towards the same.
And now coming to the highlight of the episode no points for guessing this one hands down it was the confrontation sequence between Aarti and Ishita and the stellar performance undoubtedly Kratika Sengar……Kratika is one of those few Actor (Female) who hogs the limelight in such sequences and she does so in today’s episode as well. The slap was eye-pleasing, her words were like music to the ears….and finally it was a definitely a wish come true to see fear in Ishita’s eyes. Right from the Moment that Aarti stepped into to Ishita’s room when she was hatching new plans to get Aarti out of town, enters our Jhansi ki Rani followed by a dhamakedaar sequence. One slap after the other, not ready to listen or take any crap from Ishita (Nice Fake Story By the way) and terrorize, the word has to be terrorize because any step Aarti takes will lead to landing Ishita in trouble at this juncture that was something she cannot afford to take.
So now that Aarti is no mood to take anymore craps from Ishita knowingly or unknowingly, Ishita has to take a new route, a new game plan, kyunki haar toh yeh maanegi nahi…..While Aarti has come to know of Ishita’s intentions, her motive to attain Yash and has started to react accordingly, we do feel that it will be Yash who will make Ishita wake from her deep slumber and force her to see the reality that in his heart, his life, on his mind only one woman existed and it was his Aarti Ji. The reason is simple only Yash can break Ishita’s Bhram and ithe impact will be much more than any of the steps Aarti decide to take….Moreover there is also the whole Kidnapping incident, there hasn’t been a proper closure for that sequence and it definitely has to end with Ishita’s name coming out in plotting the kidnaps of a new born baby, what bigger reason does a father need to hate the woman who cause such a misery to him and the mother of his child?
Well it would be interesting to see what course the show takes from here, we are sure that like us the PV Viewers/fans and lovers are all eyes and ears to know what’s up next. Right Guys???
Author: Vijitha Rajan