maj 10, 2013

Madhubala to target on RK's Ego in the absence of Sikki & Deepali

Madhubala to target on RK
The time has come for Madhubala to achieve her mission, which is to throw the egoistic nature away from her husband RK in Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon on Colours.
In the previous episode, RK (Vivian Desena) threatens Sikki to tell the truth about Deepali after Sikki has stolen the phone from Madhubala’s (Dhrashti Dhami) purse. 
Sikki tells RK that Deepali has messaged Sultan and reveals about the evil motive of Deepali.
In the upcoming episode, RK will tell Deepali and Sikki to leave his house.
Sikki will ask RK to forgive his mistakes and will ask RK to send only Deepali out of the house but not him.
But RK won't listen to him and will throw both Deepali and Sikki out of his house.
These series of incidents will make RK to trust Madhubala more blindly about her love and intention.
So now it's time for Madhubala to get into the action.
To implement her plans, Madhubala will go missing and RK will be seen madly looking for her.
Is this the final chance for Madhubala to succeed in her mission and will Madhubala’s plans work this time without anyone's interference?