maj 02, 2013

Madhubala:EIEJ “I will never tread the wrong path-Madhubala Shamsher Mallik”

The episode kick starts from where it was left yesterday. We see the street-smart Dipali challenge Madhu as to how she will get out of the MESS that her Bhabhi aka Dipali Bhatia created especially for Madhu. The scene was followed by a dialogue that all Madhu fans have been dying to say to their fav character Madhu and the star who essays that role aka DD, should they get a chance “You Look Beautiful By the Way”….Oh Yes Madhu aka Drashti looked sensational in the Red+Blue Combination Saree.
Coming back to the episode Dipali may be cunning and always hatching plans and ploys but it was surprising to see that she knew more about Madhu, when compared to Radha Ji or RK. Maybe she was going by the phrase “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” well in this case technically Madhu was not close to Dips but yes she sure knew more about Madhu….For Madhu puja, archana, aarti etc were of high importance, it was something they had witnessed, the viewers had witnessed earlier be it during the Ganpati Visarjan sequences, the Puja done for RK’s wellbeing (After he was shot) sequences etc Madhu performs them with utmost concentration, devotion and faith and according to Dipali’s calculations Madhu would never cheat her GOD, her BAPPA if at all Madhu was upto something. If she did not come down that would raise question, and if she came down how was Madhu going to get out of this Mess??? One could easily give Dipali full points for this “Chakravyuh” she created, but God definitely had bigger and better plans.
The stellar scene without doubt was the one where Madhu pours water into the Havan Kund instead of Ghee as per the Pandit Ji’s instructions. When Madhu sat in front of the Hawan Kund, Madhu’s mind was clearly preoccupied with Padmini’s words that her daughter should never cross the line that differentiates Good from Evil, followed by Dipali’s Challenge….. How was she going to cheat her Bappa, how could she perform something as pure as the Puja when Mann se (By Heart) she was not RK’s wife, or the Bahu of the house? And in that state, “UNKNOWINGLY” instead of taking the Ghee, she takes the water and pours it into the Havan Kund. Dekha Jaaye toh Madhu could have easily, easily performed the Puja today. She was not here to showcase her Patni Dharam, to showcase how Good a Bahu she was so uske liye toh yeh bohat “EASY” tha, but then that wouldn’t be Madhu would it? Madhu wanted to teach RK a lesson, she wanted to break his Ego based on which he had gone this far, be it playing with her life, be it humiliating her, her parents etc…..but she wasn’t ready to do anything wrong, she was not ready to take the wrong path to achieve what she wanted, and that dear friends shows strength in Character, which is what lacked in RK when he resorted to”Fake Love ” to avenge the Insult of the 4 Slaps.
It wouldn’t be wrong to say Bappa helped Madhu today, the intercuts of Bappa, during the Puja Sequence, the angles and highlights were done to highlight the same and so terming it as a Divine Intervention wouldn’t be wrong….Well Bappa has looked after Madhu ever since she landed in Mumbai from Motihaari, and his ways are always unique, Shayad yeh bhi Bappa ka Chamatkaar tha. You never know …… Madhu’s self dialogues in the Bedroom was Bang On!!! At this point Madhu was not answerable to anybody, except her Parents and God and she knew that going ahead with the Puja Ritual would mean her crossing the line, which would be going against her mother’s words and Madhu was not ready for that, and lagta bhi nahi she’ll ever take a path that is wrong.
Radha Ji who could turn into a very powerful character somehow is always portrayed as a Half-Baked one. At certain instances there is nobody as sensible as her, and at other she makes you wonder was this the same character for whom you applauded a few episodes back??? She calls Madhu her Beti, and even introduces her as her own but somehow when it comes to the point where she should take a stand she falters badly……One of the most classic, one pride filled moment Madhubala:EIEJ showcased was one where Radha Ji slapped her Rishu, she did it because he raised a question on Madhu’s Moral side. That was a moment that defined Radha Ji as an Authoritative Mother and a Strong Woman. In tonight’s episode one can try and understand her wishes and dreams of grandchild but was she so blind that she could not see, was completely oblivious to Madhu’s plight? Such a huge contrast isn’t it? Each and every word that Dipali said about Madhu this time was true, haan yeh alag baat hai ki she was living up to her name of “Chugliamma” but jo keh rahi thi, sahi toh thi……and as fate would have had it Radha Ji gives Madhu a clean chit and in turn reprimands Dipali for talking ill about Madhu.
Dipali is back, back in full form but her Motive is the same to get RK back. Dipali has deduced that Madhu is back with a Game Plan, that there is a huge contrast a very palpable contrast between the Madhu who has been a part of their lives and the one who has entered the RK Mansion now. Points like Madhu who was fighting hard to free herself from the clutches of RK when she was forcefully brought by RK, overnight turns into this loving and doting wife. Padmini broke off all ties with Madhu and Madhu did not even bother to go stop her. Madhu who rarely used to repky or rather retort back to Dipali literally woman-handled her, and today from where Dipali saw the whole thing Madhu were conveniently got away from performing the Puja Rituals too…..For somebody like Dipali these clues are enough and more to deduce that something is brewing in Madhu’s mind…..and no matter what it was she was going to see to it that it’s ruined, and so she announces that her TRUMP CARD which in this case is Sultan would be out in the open and then the game would be highly interesting……Well Game toh interesting hogi. But even more interesting will be to see how Dipali actually executes this entire stuff.
The episode was nothing short of filler, Vivian Dsena aka RK was completely missing, Drashti Dhami aka Madhu was there hardly for a few mins (Begining Scenes). In short the whole episode was shouldered by Shama Deshpandey aka Radha Ji and Seema Mishra aka Dipali and must say they did a fairly decent job…..The makers very smartly churned out tonight’s episode. Hoping for a more dhamakedaar episode tomorrow as the precap sure promises one.
Author: Vijitha Rajan