maj 02, 2013

Interesting drama to unfold on ‘Madhubala’

Viewers have till now witnessed quite a dramatic high in the ‘Colors’ show “Madhubala” in form of romance, action and emotions by its central characters Madhu, RK , Sultan and Padmini. Now the future episodes of the show will see the drama quotient raising a notch higher.
As seen in the past episodes, Madhu is back with RK and as the romance between the two has been rekindled, much to the ire of Madhu’s mother Padmini and Sultan. Madhu to prove her love for RK even goes to the extent of jumping from a high rise building. The upcoming episodes will now see Madhu organizing a huge party for RK.
All the acquaintances of Madhu and RK are invited for the party, including Sultan who is sent an invitation by Madhu herself. However with Sultan entering the venue, the lively and happy atmosphere will turn to that of gloom and tensed. RK will even pick up a fight with Sultan.