maj 07, 2013

TT: Moment of the Day “Badalte Rishton Ki Daastan”

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Hello Readers and welcome to the very first article/write-up on Badalte Rishton Ki Daastan. Badalte Rishton Ki Daastan tonight features in our TellyTadka Moment of the Day. Even before the show went on air it was said that the show would shed light on a fight against injustice by two diametrically opposite women Meera and Nandini against a ruthless patriarch- Balraj Asthana and in the past few episode we see the start to it in subtle shades…..
It’s one such scene that makes it in to TellyTadka Moment of the Day. Nandini being a widow dressed in a colorful Saree at the party was not something that went well with Balraj Asthana and we see him express the same in tonight’s episode. He questions Nandini’s right to wear a colored Saree when she was a grieving widow only 4 months old only he didn’t see what was coming his way. Nandini who quietly put up with everything including the loss of her unborn child couldn’t come to terms with the fact that Meera was given the right’s that rightfully belonged to her as a wife, Anirudh’s wife.
Nandini retorts back by telling him that she was forced to take such an action, she retorts by asking him how did her give her rights, her wifely to Meera? And the interesting part was that Balraj stood there like the cat caught his tongue. And Nandini does not simply stop there she tells off to Balraj that she would stay her entire life in white saree provided he announces then and there who was Ani’s wife. Who had rights over Anirdh, she who was his wife, who was lawfully wedded to Anirudh or Meera who claimed to be Ani’s girlfriend and was bearing his child?
The scene stood out for the fact that Nandini dared to go against the wrong that was being done to her by Balraj who was blinded who saw nothing before his selfish need to have a Grandson with Meera being the only person able to deliver one. His blood, a heir, his worthy successor was all that he was focused on, if earlier if it was Nandini who carried Ani’s child in her womb, now it was Meera and before this fact ethics, principles, morals could very well go take a hike.
Aditi Gupta is a star performer and there is no doubt about it. As Nandini she once again proves that she is one of the finest actors we have in the Industry. Kiran Karmarkar outshines everybody else in his role of the ruthless and manipulative Balraj Asthana and in this particular scene that features as our TT Moment of the day both Aditu and Kiran Ji gives stellar performances.
Author: Vijitha Rajan