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Sraswatichandra: “Saras chand jaisa Sheetal, aur Kumud Suraj jaisi tez tarar”

SCH Sraswatichandra: Saras chand jaisa Sheetal, aur Kumud Suraj jaisi tez tarar

Quoting the maestro Sanjay Leela Bhansali who once said “Gautam Rode and Jennifer Winget were the perfect choice for Saraswatichandra” well he was correct…..Gautam and Jennifer indeed are the perfect choice for playing Saras and Kumud and what better episode than tonight’s to prove the same?

238 Sraswatichandra: Saras chand jaisa Sheetal, aur Kumud Suraj jaisi tez tarar

Today we see a phase in the SaMud story, which is a complete contrast to when the show started. This indeed is a refreshing change, a new flavor, some new feelings, emotions in short an entirely new Chapter has opened up in the lives of Saras and Kumud……Credit to this change sure goes to Kumud. In order to help Saras, to bring him back to life Kumud started by taking the path to his past where she learned that LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and CARE is what lacked in life, and not just from anyone but from his father….. In short she removed “GUMAN” who stationed herself between the father-son duo for the past 20 Years…..She made sure that the GAP that has been lurking in between Nandu Kaka and Saras is filled. Though Kumud’s hardwork paid of that very day when Saras tells himself (Self Thought) as to how he was missing the love, affection of his father (When Laxminandan caresses the forehead of his sleeping son), today by verbally accepting that Kumud has in fact helped the Father-Son duo to understand each other better, accept each other and bring them closer something that did not happen in the last 20 Years along with the smile on his face was testimony of how much he longed for this.
dCSTdAm Sraswatichandra: Saras chand jaisa Sheetal, aur Kumud Suraj jaisi tez tarar Symbolism : Kumud is who one that managed to bring a smile, a genuine dilse wala smile on Saras’s face…..Be it today when he expressed his gratitude, or be it during the “Dog and the Bone Game” few episodes back…….Yes he did cry after the game because he was reminded of his mother, about the loneliness that filled his life since her death but today was a small testimony of how Kumud was slowly succeeding in bringing Saras back to a colorful life.
Saras’s gift to Kumud followed by the SaMud scenes were beautifully done……They took off to a rough start, but what they were experiencing now was new, it was a whole new feeling. Saras gifts Kumud a bouquet of flower and a Lantern……Gifting of the lantern can be symbolic of him being the one to brighten up her world. Saras has always maintained that he cannot enter her life, nor invite her into his because all she would get was pain and misery. And today it’s Saras himself who hands her the lantern….quite symbolic isn’t it??? Another symbolism here would be the gift that Saras gave Kumud…….The whole Balloon, Lights/lanterns set-up was what Kumud had dreamt off and he made it true, he saw to it that her dream get’s full-filled…..There is no need to mention the Symbolism here, because it’s right there…..Saras will be the one who fulfills Kumud’s Dreams……Once Kumud had dreamt of his eyes, today he himself was fulfilling her dreams……SYMBOLISM at it’s best.
trUTBCL Sraswatichandra: Saras chand jaisa Sheetal, aur Kumud Suraj jaisi tez tarar There is a self thought (Mind) by Saras where he mentions that this was the first time that he was seeing Kumud this happy, since his aririval to Ratnanagiri. Yes it was true…ever since Saras’s letter reaches Kumud, her life was turned upside down there was not one instance where Kumud smiled , was happy because of Saras……but today he achieved it…..And this wasn’t one sided the same goes for Saras as well…..It was very rarely one saw Saras happy and smiling……The otherwise sad, brooding Saras was seen smiling, was seen happy and that was because of Kumud…..Once again SYMBOLISM here is that these two held the keys to each others happiness and sadness…….We have had an array of examples for “Sadness”, and slowly we are seeing a start of its counter part too.
There was an analogy used by Laxminandan in the first episode of the show “Humara beta chand jaisa Sheetal hai, toh woh Suraj jaisi tez tarar”….followed by him telling that Kumud was the life partner, friend, companion that Saras needed……Well we see why Laxminandan had made such a statement then….While it was established that both Saras and Kumud were diametrically opposite personalities, it was yet to be proved that they compliment and complete each other….In tonight’s episode we see this target also being achieved, or at least the start to it.
While SaMud story is slowly catching up, there is another duo whose scenes are looked forward to with equal fervor……Yes the Guman-Dugba Sequences which are perfect examples of “The Display of Power, Integrity and Principles”…… The face off between these two women where Dugba hands over the “Ghungroo” back to Guman followed by a warning which left Guman in short of words, a though somebody slapped her hard across the face was truly an amazing moment……Dugba has seen the extent to which Guman can do, in the past and also in the present (Taking Saras a an example) she knows that a woman like Guman will never hesitate to do it again…..So far Dugba has succeeded in double crossing Guman, this can be taken as an indication that she will stand by her words to protect her family against Guman and the toofan she claimed to being.
Coming to the last scene while its’ still hard to understand what the point is if the dori is undone of an already deep back necked blouse, or almost equivalent to backless blouse…..The way Saras joined Kumud from out of nowhere, covered her with his jacket and then went to deal with those who needed to be dealt with sure marks the beginning of something new yet again…….The two have already acknowledged that there is something that binds them, that brings them closer……Keep your fingers crossed, kise patha shaayad yeh dono apne aap se aur ek doosre se yeh keh bhi de…..What say???
All your SC readers, viewers and fans do let us know what you thought about the episode, and do leave your comments on our Analysis and Symbolism of tonight’s’ SC episode.
Author: Vijitha Rajan