maj 16, 2013

TellyTadka Moment of the Day: Madhubala:EIEJ

179 TellyTadka Moment of the Day: Madhubala:EIEJ

Apni tho baat margar kuch nirali hai
Apne toh khoon mein ishq ki lali hai
Hoi apna jeena tho…jeenaaa…
Tashan mein tashan mein…..
This is the song that came to the mind after seeing the scene that has gone on to become our TT Moment of the day. Any guesses guys??? Yes we are talking about Superstar RK’S Ishq-e-izhaar in tonight’s episode, well not izhaar actually because that is yet to come, but the preparations and the thought that went into making it extra special for Madhu.
It starts with the veil dropping off from the RK-Madhu banner that read “I LOVE YOU MADHU”, which was the first thing that caught Madhu’s attention, followed by the classy decorated car adorned with flowers and the words “I LOVE YOU MADHU”…..amongst the many other things that came rolling out. Well Keep reading!!!
Can somebody tell us why this scene made it into the TT Moment of the Day??? Don’t we’ll spare you the trouble….The scene made it into our TT moment of the day because of the way it was executed and by that we do not mean the extra glam, or filmy way things were done but because of the way it was thought and perceived. The place chosen “The Chawl” this was the same place where where RK dropped Madhu unceremoniously after the un-wedding drama. And once again this was the venue chosen by RK to propose Madhu. Yes Madhu did announce that she was going to her Mom’s Place, but knowing RK, he could have very well chosen a different Venue, he could have done a Zillion other things, in a much more filmy way but he chose the Chawl. Score!!!!
241 TellyTadka Moment of the Day: Madhubala:EIEJ
The place where the Banner stood Tall, almost near the stairs this was the same spot where Madhu stood listless and lifeless when he had announced that he was leaving her, that he was not interested in her anymore etc etc…..And today in the same spot the BANNER stood tall which captured the duo together along with “I LOVE YOU MADHU” which was the main highlight. Score !!! Score!!!
When RK left Madhu with no other choice but to Marry him in return for 40 Lakhs to save Mallik, though there were witnesses they were not related to the duo. Back then it was RK’s anger and ego that he wanted to humiliate Madhu by marrying her in such an insulting manner in front of the same crowd that were witness to her slapping him. Today when RK decided to propose Madhu all their loved ones, their elders were witnesses. The smile on Radha Ji’s face spoke volumes of how happy she was that RK was taking this leap of faith. While Padmini Ji and Trishna were confused and not very pleased with what was happening it is understandable because they were at the receiving end of the things along with Madhu, but no matter what they too were witnesses of all that was about to happen. Again Score!!!
Rishabh Kundra, Madhubala Rishabh Kundra se yeh request karna chahoonga ki woh apni ghar ki gallery se uthar kar neeche aaye, kyunki Main unse kuch bohat hi khoobsurat sa kehna chahta hoon. While these lines are full on RK-ish, the one thing that caught our attention was “Kuch Khoobsurat sa kehna chahta hoon”, was this an indication that he realizes that there is nothing more beautiful that the 3 Magical Words?
Madhu apne dil se, apni jaan se…..
Apne Dharam se, apni imaan se….
Apne wajood se, apni pehchaan se
Apni har saas, apni har dhadkan se kehta hoon…
Madhu…”I LOVE YOU”
This is definitely not the first time RK has said these words to Madhu, back then too when he was scripting, directing, acting and executing the whole thing on his own he had planned, created and executed a larger than life situation before saying those 3 Words. One would have never thought that the whole thing was fake and dramatized, up until RK said it ki it was. While his previous actions does make it hard for one to trust him all over again, while one of the biggest truth is that RK is one BRILLIANT ACTOR, the fact that he was ready to do all this before the people that mattered to her somehow makes the scene stand apart.
332 TellyTadka Moment of the Day: Madhubala:EIEJ
A striking symbolism in the Sequence would be that all this while it was Madhu who was standing up and RK who stood down, that reflects the deeds they have done. In Love, in their relationship it was always Madhu who showed loyalty, honesty and all that takes to make LOVE the most beautiful part of ones’ life or life indeed, she always has risen above all in LOVE. RK walking upto her, could be symbolic of the trouble he was ready to take to make this work. Love and Flowers always have a deep connection and here RK was withering flower petals that is sans the thorns on the stairs so that she could walk down, this can again be symbolic of him promising a beautiful life of togetherness, without pain, insults, mockery etc because he crates a beautiful path for her to walk, at the end of which he stood.
RK is a very complex character, not a layered but complex character. The CV’s by bringing up the un-wedding drama (Which TellyTadka still maintains was an excellent creative move) and the then sequences, succeeded in planting the seed of doubt in the viewers minds. Today when all this happened in the episode we are sure that the number of people who appreciated the beauty of the scene and the thought that went into the making of it will be less compared to the viewers who kept pondering if this was all a drama again? Well it was a valid question… how could one easily trust RK after all he did? The answer is simple, but easier said than done “Faith”, a faith that no matter how dark a character RK is, deep down somewhere there maybe something positive about him is the only reason that’ll aid you in trusting RK yet again.
There was a line that Madhu said in yesterday’s episode on being asked will she break RK’s heart? We know that Madhu intentionally would never break anybody’s heart, but in order to make RK realize what he was doing she had to take a stand and for that if she needed to break his heart she was ready but her reply was ” Woh dil agar pyaar ka matlab jaanta, toh main usse kabhi nahi thodthi”. We know Madhu has never hurt RK, like she said more than her heart she made sure his heart was safe and sound, never hurt….and even now Madhu maintains that had RK’s heart known what love she she would never have even thought of breaking is heart, which clearly means that if RK is genuinely ready to love Madhu, leaving his ego, his stubbornness behind or in Madhu’s words surrender to their Love like she did once, then Dil tootne ka sawaal hi paida nahi hota.
If RK’s intentions are true, if this time he has no selfish motives behind all that he did today, then one can deduce that he REALIZES the extent of damage he did to this Girl (Also taking into considerations the happenings on the Madhu wrist slitting episode and the one that took place the next day morning) RK doing all that he did today and that he plans to do (Precap) means he is ready to CORRECT his mistake, but the most CRUCIAL point is still missing here. Him ACCEPTING what he did, his mistake, the lengths to which he went for 4 slaps etc is still hanging in the air. We wonder what the CV’s is planning to do about it, because like it or not Madhu was wronged nothing, no amount of things said or done can justify the words then uttered by RK, the things he did then…..So fingers crossed lets hope that the loop is closed completely and that this time around things can be taken at face value, but with Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon’s CV’s you never know. How many of you feel that this time around RK is doing this honestly??? Genuinely?? Do share your views with us.
To be Contd……
Author: Vijitha Rajan