maj 06, 2013

Tanveer of 'Qubool Hai', Sultan of 'Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon' - Experience with supernatural power

Tanveer of 'Qubool Hai', Sultan of 'Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon' - Experience with supernatural power

Mumbai: Do you believe in spirits? Have you ever heard any foot sound at night or seen any shadow outside of your window? You may have seen these things in some of the horror flicks but in real life too, people have claimed to experience supernatural power including some of your favourite small screen actors.

Let's talk about television actors and their experiences with the supernatural powers.

Tanveer aka Amrapali Gupta who plays a vamp in Zee TVs most popular show Qubool Hai claims that she has experienced evil spirit. The actor narrated her experience.

She reveals,"I was shooting the pilot of a TV show which my husband Yash Sinha was making. We were shooting in a bungalow. It was late at night between 2.45am and 3am. I felt as if someone jumped on the terrace. The Assistant Director pulled me back. I felt dizzy and went back to my room. I started beating up and throwing shoes at a junior artiste. My husband's driver realised that I was possessed by a ghost. He gave me water to drink. I vomited thrice. I then felt fine. Some thought that maybe I was suffering from high blood pressure and hence was acting like that. The driver knew that this was simply possession by a spirit."

Avinesh Rekhi who plays Sultan in Color's daily soap Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon recalls an unusual experience when he was in class in IX, "At 4pm, I would go for running practice. I was a slow runner. Others were running ahead of me. I heard strange noises which were emanating from the graveyard nearby. Later, I heard that the graveyard was haunted."

He revealed about his second experience, "Nearly every other station (in India) owns a ghost. There are said to be two at Shimla," in My Own True Ghost Story. Ghost hunters staunchly believe that Shimla doesn't have just two but multiple ghosts lurking about giving it the tag of a ghost town.

Avinesh explained the incident, "I was returning from Shimla with a politician friend. It was night time and a funeral pyre was lit. My friend was in charge of that area. He called out to the 15 to 20 people assembled at the funeral that no corpse should be cremated at night. As he felt that nobody could hear him he threw stones into the lake below hoping that they would hear him. The funeral continued. The next morning when we returned to the same place, we saw that there was no land whatsoever in the venue where the funeral is being held. I wasn't intoxicated the previous night. At that time I didn't drink. Nor were we hallucinating."

Nothing is more powerful than God, so if you feel that somewhere you are approached by a spirit or ghost, the best remedy is chant a prayer and God is the one who answers your prayer. And build up your will power as it is the best weapon for all problems whether it spirit, ghost or anything else.