maj 20, 2013

Shopaholic Ashish Sharma 'cannot stop shopping' for wife Archana Taide

Archana Taide adn Ashish Sharma
Women simply love shopping, but what if you have a life partner who loves shopping for you?
Well, actress Archana Taide is one such lucky girl to have found a shopaholic in husband Ashish Sharma. Ashish who is currently seen in Zee TV’s Rab Se Sona Ishq simply loves shopping. In fact, shopping works as a stress buster for this actor.
Hence, the minute he is out of the sets and has some time for himself he goes to the malls and gets busy buying stuff. Well, the interesting part is that this good looking actor never buys anything for himself. Yes, he just picks up things for his beautiful wife.
When contacted Ashish, he confirmed the same and said, “I enjoy shopping and for me malls are a great place to hangout, especially with your buddies. When I am at a mall I shop for my beautiful wife and also eat some good food there.”
We are sure Archana loves him more because of his ‘shopping-for-her’ habit as he comments, “Yes, my wife is on cloud 9 when I get back home with all those bags.”
What about shopping for him? “I don’t remember me buying something for myself. I like simplicity in life and keep my needs within the boundaries of my actual requirement. Having said this, I ensure I buy anything and everything that catches my eye for my wife even before thinking twice.”
So is this his mantra for happy marriage? “You can call it a mantra for my happy married life.” (wink)
Stay blessed, Ashish and Archana!!!