maj 20, 2013

Saraswatichandra & Kumud To Make Each Other Jealous And Saraswatichandra To Write His Name In Kumud’s Hand.

In the earlier episode of the show we had seen that Laxminandan and Vidyachatur patch up. They plan Jayant’s daughter’s wedding. Saraswatichandra apologises to Vidyachatur. Guniyal asks Kumud to apologise to Saraswatichandra, but she refuses.     Dugba and Guniyal welcome Jayant’s wife and daughter to the house. Kumari, Kusum and Sunny try to reunite Kumud and Saraswatichandra. Kumud and Saraswatichandra apologise to each other.
Now In Its Upcoming Episode ,Saraswatichandra will try to make Kumud jealous but she will not respond. He will feel that she doesn’t love him intensely.Kumud will turn the tables on Saraswatichandra and will make Saraswatichandra jealous by dancing with another guy which will make him insecure.Kumud will not participate in any function. Saraswatichandra will write his name on Kumud’s hand during the ‘mehendi ceremony’.