maj 25, 2013

Sasural Simar Ka - 25th May 2013, Written Update!!

Sujata tells Simar to let Sid take care of Roli. They met after so many days.. they must have lots to talk about so it’s better to leave them alone for while. Sid is about to hold Jhumki’s hand to take her to their room, but Jhumki starts walking and says, let’s go. Family is happy seeing them together and pray God to always keep them together. Everyone goes back to their room.
Simar tells Prem that they should tell Jhumki’s truth to Sid.. more we delay, more he will hurt. Prem says, no.. I agree with you, but we cannot take any risk by telling her truth to anyone. We should rather think about how to get rid off Veeru and Khushi, only after that we can think about anything else. However, he says they will have to try to keep Sid and Jhumki away else Sid will find out she’s not his Roli.
Sid and Roli are going to their room. Sid says to himself, God gave him another chance and this time he won’t let Roli go away from him. Sid cannot take his eyes off Jhumki. This worries Jhumki. She says in her mind, I can become Roli, but can’t become anyone’s wife. I committed to Simar so can’t open my mouth, but how to handle this guy. Sid stops her at the door. He says, I had lost my Roli, but today I got her back so today’s day is very special. Roli will go to her room, but with Sid’s special style. Jhumki wonders what he plans to do. Sid remembers flashback when Roli asked him to take her in with his special style and then he carried her and took inside. He is then about to carry Jhumki, but she just goes in and Sid is left surprised.
Jhumki enters their room and sees Sid-Roli photos all around the wall. She smiles and says, wow she is so alike me.. that is why Simar misunderstood. I saw in films till now, but today seeing this in reality. Sid comes and hugs her from back side. He says, we promised that Sid and Roli will never , but you broke your promise na… I missed you. He touches her cheek but Jhumki pulls herself back. Sid asks her what happened. Jhumki says, am having headache. Sid goes to get medicine.
Simar and Prem come and Jhumki gets furious at them. She says, why didn’t you tell me before that with Roli, I will have to become someone’s wife too? I am not any girl like that. Simar calms her down and says, everything will be fine in some time. Both are very thankful to Jhumki. Jhumki says, no need for emotional drama.. I am just here to make some money for Bantu. They ask her where she kept Bantu. She says I dropped him at some friend’s house. Prem again warns her that no one should find out the truth. This annoys Jhumki and she starts shouting, I know my commitment very well, no need to remind me over and over. Sid is approaching their room. Simar tries to calm Jhumki down, but she keeps going on and says, I needmy money on time, else.. Suddenly she gets quiet. Prem and Simar turn back and find Sid there.
He didn’t hear anything. He asks Prem and Simar, you two here? Simar says, I met my sister after so many days, so couldn’t stop myself and came here to meet her. Prem tells Simar that they need to leave now. They leave.
Veeru is angry and doesn’t know what’s going on. He asks Khushi if she’s sure that she didn’t make any mistake. Khushi says, we both know very well that that Roli died.. this is fake Roli. So don’t shout and keep quiet and let me think what to do. Khushi says, I saw Roli’s dead body there.. I gave money to doctor too to get rid off it, then from where this Roli came. She calls Kishangadh’s hospital to talk with doctor, but that doctor left his job. Veeru asks her what will do now? Khushi says, something is wrong for sure.. these people might be playing our own game with us. We will have to find truth we get trapped into it.
Jhumki takes medicine and she decides to sleep before Sid does anything else. She closes her eyes. Sid tries to talk with her. He asks her if she is fine and if medicine had any effect. Jhumki says, I am fine. Sid asks, should i do your head massage? Jhumki straight away says, no.. I mean I am not having much headache now. Sid says, that means there’s still some headache. He starts massaging. Jhumki gets up and says, enough.. I can’t take it anymore. I will have to tell you the truth. Sid asks, what truth? Jhumki whispers to herself, I know what to tell, but how should I tell?
Sid goes to her and says, what are you saying to yourself? Tell me what is it. Before she says anything, Simar comes there. She says to Jhumki, I had told you that you won’t talk about this to Sid. Simar lies to Sid that Roli doesn’t remember anything and it will take some time. Till then her behaviour with you will be different. You need to give some time. Jhumki says, Simar didi is right.. I was trying to tell you same thing that I need some time. Won’t you give some time to your Roli? Sid touches her nose and she gets annoyed. Sid says, you were struggling to say this? I love you na yaar.. I can do anything for you. He shows pinky to her, but no response from Jhumki. Sid says, you’re with me again.. that’s enough. Before leaving the room, he requests her, whenever you try to think about me, then just remember how much your Sid love you.. that will be enough. He leaves.
Jhumki again gets furious at Simar and says, I am not girl like that who will share room with any random guy. Simar calms her down and says, we will tell him truth, but this is not the right time. Jhumki says, i don’t care.. if this happens again, I won’t stay quiet. Simar asks her, do you think he can do anything like that? He thinks your his Roli and that is why he’s taking care. But now he won’t come closer until his Roli gives him permission. Jhumki says, I don’t know all that.. but until he doesn’t find out the truth, you will stay in this room with me. Simar agrees and she will be right back asking her not to do anything silly till then.
Bantu is missing Jhumki and waiting for her call. Here Jhumki also remembers him and decides to call him. Both tell each other that they are missing each other. Jhumki says, but don’t be sad.. I am here so I can do your admission in a good school. Bantu is sad and says, I can’t stay away from you for too long. Sujata is taking milk to Roli. Roli tells Bantu to take care and she will call later. She hangs and turns back and sees Sujata. She worries thinking if Sujata listened her conversation.
Precap: None