maj 25, 2013

Madhubala - 25th May, 2013 - Written!!

RK tells Madhu that she has to accept in front of the world that she loves him.. Madhu says…did several already.. RK again
Madhu says.. Zidd tumhari hogi aur Tarika mera
Bittu says.. press has guessed its mehendi n asked for quote..! RK calls press inside!
Sikky gives byte to press while Dips refuses to give..! Rishbala walk to press hand in hand.. n RK introes Madhu as soon to be Madhubala Rishabh Kundra.. his bride
RK is says..they were married already n RK says bandhan to purana hai..but rituals to be followed now!
Reporter asks when their love was born .. n RK says…love is not their baby …so he can tell date or time. .but first time he saw Madhu fell in love
Reporter asks extent he can go to fall in love n RK says…Jaan de sakta hun aur is pyaar ko mujhse cheen kar le jane ka khayal man me lane wale ki jaan le bhi sakta hun Sullu fumes
Reporter asks about the break up time … n cites Madhu ..! RK asks if they did not make mistake.. nor they corrected? Reporter asks how can they accept this time.. marriage is real? RK fumes .. n Madhu cuts off..
Reporter says..their relation is so confusing.. RK tries to reply.. n Madhu replies..they are forcing themselves on their relation ..n if they are well wishers pray for them!
Reporter asks about RK proposing to her traditionally n Madhu says.. she knows the man inside RK the superstar..i.e. Rishabh!
RK chides Madhu why she interrupted? Madhu says.or he would have broken their camera..!
RK says..they were right. . n Madhu ..says dun wanna discuss.. n says…she is going to get ready.. for Mehendi n the hubby who has challenged her ..! RK says I LOVE U Madhu n Madhu cuts him off
Mehendi ceremony underway… Song – Mehendi hai rachne wali… Rishbala eyelocks..! Mehendi hasan said.. RK ke begum ke hathon me Mehendi hasan ke hathon se mehendi lag rahi hai
Sultan is driving n keeps calling Madhu … but no answer…! Madhu gets.. RK written on one hand n Rishabh on another..!
RK reminds her of the challenge.. n Madhu sings ‘Hum to mar jaenge’! n dances around RK RK sings n dances too …!!!
RK holds Madhu n all cheer..!
Madhu comes to her room but her dupatta is slipping … n RK comes n helps to put it on her!
He asks how will she change? Madhu goes to call Radha but RK stops.. n offers to help
Madhu is tense…
Part 2
She keeps her eyes closed n RK asks her to open her eyes..n Madhu opens her eyes n sees RK with closed eyes helping her change! [Shareef Tharkey]
Madhu asks him to open his eyes… n she compliments him for not cheating..n RK asks for prize… n asks her to close her eyes n is about to close in ..when phone rings…!
RK picks up n realises its Sultan n fumes n says.. Mana ke hum dono do jism ek jaan hai ..par hum dono do jism ek KAAN nahi hai SULTAN!
RK chides him for disturbing Rishbala moments..! He tells Sultan about their wedding on 31st May…!
RK gives phone to Madhu .. n Sultan asks if Madhu is ok n she says yes… ! Sultan asks Madhu not to proceed with the plan n put her life in danger!
RK asks if Sultan still has her number? Madhu tries to explain n RK says… when will she believe that he has full faith in her n he is no longer the old SHAQI RK ..!! He tells her he trusts her from his heart..!

Precap — RK says.. loving her is his RIGHT .. not her friend Sultan..! Madhu says..he is my friend..! RK says… he is dashing n handsome. .dunno why he has a dumb wife.l Madhu chides RK n RK runs..!