maj 24, 2013

Sasural Simar Ka 24th May 2013 Written Update

Jhumki does emotional drama that she has to give proofs to her own family as they don’t trust her anymore. Sid tells her, don’t say like that.. we trust you.. mistake is ours for doubting on you. Jhumki and Prem are happy. Jhumki then acts and falls unconscious. They throw water drops and she gets conscious again. Family thinks its because of her weakness and everyone starts taking care of her. On a side, Veeru asks Khushi what is all this? You said you handled everything other day. Khushi says, you shot her by yourself. . how can you say that? She is duplicate and truth will be revealed soon. For now we have to think about ourselves.. we have to do something so these people don’t throw us out of this out.
Jhumki is happy while everyone is taking care of her. She says in her mind, I didn’t know I would get a queen like life here. Simar signals Jhumki to do something. Jhumki says to Mataji, I am feeling good now.. but none of us will be fine until these two (Veeru and Khushi) are here. Throw them out. Mataji agrees with her. Whole family approach to them. Mataji tells them, it’s better if you two leave quietly before police come and throw you out. Right then, Khushi’s lawyer comes with police. Khushi tells Mataji, you wanted to call police, right? They are here now.
Mataji ask police to help them in throwing Khushi and Veeru out. Khushi says, instead of them, they should remove Jhumki/Roli from their house. She says to police, this girl is lying to everyone that she is Roli. Lawyer says, this case is of fraud.. and just by from Bhardwajs saying.. she won’t become Roli. Mataji explains police how Veeru took away their property and what Roli had to go through. She has returned after so many days. Khushi says, by answering couple of questions, she won’t become Roli. I am sure she is a fraud. Police say they will have to take Roli to police station for inquiry. Mataji asks, Bharadwaj bahu will go to police station? That too without doing anything. Police say, we are not arresting her.. just taking her for questioning. read full updates daily only at Simar says, Roli is my sister and I can tell who is my sister. Veeru asks police not to listen to them and ask police to ask Bharadwajs why family did rituals that you do after someone dies. He also tells police to check police records. Sid, Prem get furious and having fight with Veeru. Everyone stops them. Khushi tells police Roli death certificate is issued which means that person is not alive. Police ask mataji if they have one. Mataji says yes. Police says, I am sorry then.. this girl will have to prove that she is Roli Bharadwaj. Mataji says, we all are proof for that. Khushi says, by you all agreeing.. it won’t prove anything. Lawyer also says, as death certificate is issued already, you all will have to prove. And until then, you won’t be able to remove my clients (Veeru and Khushi) from this house. Mausiji says, what is this? We all know she is our Roli.. from where we will bring proofs? Mataji requests police to give them some time to discuss with their lawyer. Police agree and says we are not taking her this time, but talk with your lawyer as soon as possible. Simar doesn’t know what to do next.
After police leave, Prem calls their lawyer. Veeru says until it’s proven that this girl is Roli, we won’t go anywhere from this house. Khushi says, we also have same rights as you on this house until you prove that she is Roli. Veeru says, let’s go to our room and rest Billo. Prem and Sid stop them. They say this is not a hotel that anyone will come and stay here. You will get proof very soon. Veeru says, time will decide who wins and who loses. For now, I see you getting trapped in your own game.
Prem asks him to leave as they don’t want to talk to him. Veeru asks what will you do if I don’t go? Prem catches his collar. Mataji stops him saying they will get punishment but correct way. Prem leaves him. Veeru and Khushi leave.
Sid is angry and says to Mataji, you stop us everytime.. that’s why they do whatever they want. Mataji says, police will punish them.. we don’t need to fight.. otherwise what will be difference between us and them? Mausji says him don’t spoil your mood on this special day. Sid says, I will take care of Roli and will stay with her all the time. Simar says, I am here na.. I will take care of her. Sujata says, no.. let Sid take care of her. They two must have so much to talk about. The screen freezes on Simar’s tensed face.
Precap: In their room, Jhumki is sleeping. Sid asks her if she wants him to do her head massage. She says, no.. I am not having that much headache. Sid says, there should be no headache.. and he starts massaging. Jhumki feels uncomfortable. She gets up and says, enough.. I will have to tell you truth now. Sid is confused. Jhumki’s expressions go like what did I just say?