maj 09, 2013

Qubool hai : Tanveer desperately tries to stalk around Asad’s engagement

Ammi has the last laugh as she has managed to get Humaira to slap Razia. Talking about the incident, Ammi scoffs at Razia. In case she has touched a raw nerve in you, Razia, you should realize the nasty manipulative things you had belted out to all your near dear ones in the past!

Ammi’s jewellery lost
Humaira is talking on the phone and is confronted by Nuzhat and Nikhat who tease her about Ayaan. At that moment Razia enters with a beautiful piece of jewellery for Humaira to wear on her engagement. Seeing her crest fallen face, Razia asks Humaira about her unhappiness. At this Humaira says that she plans to adorn herself in Ammi’s gifted jewellery, as a mark of respect.
Both of them rush to Razia’s wardrobe but despite all futile efforts are unable to trace the pieces of jewellery. Razia tells Humaira that Ammi may have picked and taken them back. Hearing this Ammi breaks into wallops of tears and says that the pieces were ancestral jewellery and were gorgeously expensive.
Razia blamed
Razia is back to her manipulative ways and tries to shrug off the blame saying Ammi must have taken them away. In front of the whole family, Ammi starts to beg and plead Razia for the expensive items. Shirin and Humaira side with Ammi and start to point a finger at Razia. Fed up of the constant bickering Razia gets upset and starts to yell that she doesn’t care about a few useless pieces of gold.
Suddenly, a few “Faqirs” are seen entering, they say that someone from the house has gifted oodles of gold to them as charity. Everyone looks on shocked as the Faqirs take Razia’s name.
Tanveer tries to break engagement
Tanveer shows her overt concern for Asad Zoya’s relationship as they are constantly bickering, but Dilshaad tells her that it is the most normal thing for both of them to fight all the time. Tanveer tries to put the thought of Asad’s “unhappiness” due to his engagement to Zoya, in Dilshaad’s mind.
Not giving any extra thought to Tanveer’s conviction, Dilshaad maintains that Asad-Zoya are committed to each other without openly accepting their feelings. Tanveer tells Dilshaad that Asad was unwilling to get married to Zoya right from the very beginning and is doing it only for his mother’s happiness.
Dilshaad goes to Asad and tells him that because Tanveer is an old friend she may be right about her deduction regarding Zoya. She asks Asad to admit his acceptance for the relationship. Before Asad can utter a word Tanveer barges in and asks him to be bold and frank about his feelings. As everyone looks on at Asad for his answer Asad says that Zoya is very different from him and that they viewpoint is poles apart and she is still an enigma for him.
As he is talking Zoya enters bringing proof of her innocence in the “blood sample” case. She shows him a photograph.