maj 09, 2013

'Qubool Hai' - Asad likely to hit century in snubbing Zoya!

'Qubool Hai' - Asad likely to hit century in snubbing Zoya!

Mumbai: Daily Soap Qubool Hai is the most popular show of small screen as the storyline is wonderful and every character in the show has carved their image before viewers. Pair of Asad aka Karan Singh Grover and Zoya aka Surbhi Jyoti are ruling millions of hearts as lead in the show. Asad not only insults Zoya in every episode but sometimes criticizes her a number of times in the same episode.

Zoya is living in Asad's house and the duo madly love each-other but till the date they have not expressed their feelings for each-other.

In the show Asad has started insulting her when they met for the very first time in an episode where Zoya was nearly about to get hit by Asad's car. 

Next, he insulted her when by mistake she slept in his room; then Zoya was insulted by him when she saved Asad's sister Najma from the eve teasers.

Sometimes Asad mercilessly asks her to leave his house, to make her realize that she is a bad girl and the most irresponsible girl he has ever met in his life. 

He has not stopped insulting Zoya in spite of having feelings for her because in the last episode, he snub Zoya, when she took Tanveer's blood for test and the lady vamp quietly replaced it with chickens blood, making it a very embarrassing situation for Asad.

OMG, Asad Ahmad Khan, how many times will you humiliate innocent chatter box. Poor Zoya she can cry her eyes out.

You have almost completed half century in insulting Zoya Farooqui, crossing boundaries in almost every episode. So Mr Khan, do you want to complete a century?

Now we really feel Allah Miyaan there is something wrong with Jahaanpanah.