maj 12, 2013

Mothers Day with TV stars..

Toral Rasputra as Anandi of Balika Vadhu
Mother’s Day:
“I am very close to my mother and I consider her to be my 4 am friend. She is one person with whom I share everything about my life. She is someone who keeps me rooted 

and has always been my staunchest supporter. She was the most happiest when I was offered to play Anandi. So on this mother’s day all I want to do is tell my mom what she means to me. Had she been any different, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I dedicate this day entirely to he
On relationship with on-screen mother-in-law, SmitaBansal:
My mother-in-law has always been my pillar of strength. She has motivated and encouraged me to study and educate myself and to be nothing less than any what I deserve to be. I feel very connected to her and she has never made me feel like a daughter-in-law. I have always been and will always be her “laado”.
Sriti Jha as Ganga of Balika Vadhu
On playing an onscreen mother:
The trials and tribulations I have faced as Ganga in Balika Vadhu have made me realise what it would be like facing similar and tougher decision-making situations as a mother in real life. Mothers all over the world have sacrificed so much and changed as people for their children on giving birth. On this day, I salute my mother and all other mothers for everything they have done for us children.  
smita-bansal   81975Smita Bansal as Sumitra Singh of Balika Vadhu
On mother’s day, how she will be celebrating it with her kids:
Mother’s day is about everything that mothers all over the world stand for; Love. I will be celebrating and sharing this love with my husband and both my daughters by letting them know how much light and happiness they bring to my life. Motherhood has completely changed me and despite all the late nights and sacrifices, I wouldn’t give this up for the world.
Quote on playing an onscreen mother of Jagya and mother-in-law to Anandi
My character of Sumitra has immense patience in dealing with every situation she is fraught with. Anandi has always been a very proud child to have and even though I am not biologically her mother in BalikaVadhu, she garners from me the same amount of love and concern as I feel for Jagya. Jagya is my son and I do love him with all my heart.
Siddharth Shukla as  Shiv Raj Shekhar in Balika Vadhu
Quote on mother’s day and being a mamma’s boy:
A mother is someone who spends sleepless nights when she feels her children are even in the slight discomfort. My mother has always shielded me from everything bad. I do not mind being called a mama’s boy, in fact I am proud of my mother and everything that she has done for me. On this mother’s day I would like to wish all the mothers everywhere a very Happy Mother’s Day.
Dipika Samson as Simar in Sasural Simar Ka
On Mother’s day
Mothers are a symbol of love, happiness and joy all over the world. They are the binding factor and the glue that keeps a family together. I have seen the things that my mother has done for me, without complain, day and night… all because she wants to see us happy and I can’t thank her enough for it. Happy Mother’s day to all the moms out there.
On playing an on-screen mother
Having played the role of a mother on-screen I have come to realise how strong the bond of a child is with his mother and more importantly how special it is. I wish all mothers all the happiness in the world this day.

IMG 9138Dhrashti Dhami as Madhu in Madhubala- Ek Ishq, EkJunoon
Quote on her relationship with onscreen mother-in-law
My mother in law gives me the courage to stay strong, independent and makes me feel loved and wanted. Even though our relationship was rocky at the start, she has become indispensible to me now.
Aakanksha Singh as Megha in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha.. Season 2
Quote on Mother’s day
My mom has always supported and encouraged me to be what I am today. I believe mothers are the backbone of any family. They are the support that every member of a family needs to grow and succeed as individuals. For the myriad roles they play in our lives, here’s wishing all mothers a very happy and love-filled day.  
Quote on playing an on-screen Mother
In our society, there is always a need to prove one’s worth as a woman and a mother. Being a single parent as Megha on the show is just a glimpse of what the world really is from the point of view of a mother who has to protect her children and discipline them along with being the warm blanket of love. I take this opportunity to salute all single mothers in the world, who have the courage to do it all alone and not falter even once.
Jayashree Venketeramanan as Navika aka Nanhi in Na bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha.. Season 2
Quote on relationship with on-screen mother:
My mother is the one who has raised us single-handedly. Her entire life revolves around me and my brother and we share a very special bond with her. She has made me the spontaneous and free-willed human being I am today.
Avika Gor as Roli in Sasural Simar Ka
On mother’s day
Transforming herself to be a friend, a guide, a mentor and a protector in our lives, mothers are a constant force present to shower us with everything we need. On this occasion of Mother’s Day, I want to wish all these superwomen everywhere.
Jay Soni as Jai Kishan in Sanskaar…Dharohar Apnon Ki
On mother’s day and being a mamma’s boy
On this mother’s day I am going to make it a point to tell my mother how wonderful and amazing she is to me. I don’t think we do that enough and sometimes take their presence in our life for granted. I am proud to be a mamma’s boy as my mother is the woman behind all my success. Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers I know.
Sonali Sachdev as Parul Vaishnav in Sanskaar…Dharohar Apnon Ki
Quote on mother’s day, how she will be celebrating it with her kids
Being a mother has changed me completely. The center of universe shifts and things that were important earlier do not matter, all you care about are your children, your world. Working in the television industry does not leave you with a lot of time to spend with your children. On this mother’s day I plan on spending quality time with my loved ones and celebrate the joy of being a mother.
On her relationship with onscreen daughter-in-law
Bhoomi is the newest member of Vaishnav family and despite of the troubles she is facing currently, she loves my son Kishan unconditionally. She is leaving no stones unturned to fit into this family and get acquainted to the culture and traditions. I will support in all odds and I am confident that she will prove her worth as a daughter-in-law.
20habftShamin Manan as Bhoomi in Sanskaar… Dharohar Apnon Ki
On her relationship with onscreen mother-in-law
Bhoomi has not got a warm welcome from Vaishnav family but her mother-in-law Parul is the only person after Kishan who has understood her and empathized with her. Despite of abandonment from other family members, she has tried to ease my discomforts in every way she can. On this mother’s day I would like to especially acknowledge her presence in my life and wish her a very happy day.
Shefali Sharma aka Bani in Bani…Ishq da Kalma
On Mother’s day
If there is someone you can call at midnight, knows you are upset by just hearing your voice, knows your likes and dislikes, knows you in and out – that’s your mother. It is hard for me to imagine my life without the support of my mother. Coming from a small town, the decision to act was difficult one for me to pursue, but my mother had dreams for me and she made sure that I never gave up on them. On this mother’s day, I would like to thank my mother for her immeasurable contribution in my life. Happy Mother’s Day mom!
Navni Parihar as Rano in Bani- Ishq da Kalma
On mother’s day, how she will be celebrating it with her kids
After I gave birth to my first child, I knew I could not continue the demanding life of a television actor. I wanted to spend time with my daughters , watch them when they woke up, be there with them when they came home from school… be the mother who was always there for her kids no matter what! And now that my kids are growing up, I feel proud just looking at them, count my blessings for having a little angles like them.
IMG 9003Vivian Dsena as R.K. in Madhubala
On mother’s day
I want to thank my mother for everything that she has done for me. Most importantly on this very special day, I would want to let her know how she means more to me with each passing day and I will always be indebted for all her love and support. From giving me birth, to nurturing me and giving me the right guidance, she is responsible for all that I am today.  It is because of her support and trust that I am in this industry today and I will always be indebted to her for believing in me. Happy Mother’s Day Ma!
Edited by,
Niharika Vidya Sagar