maj 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day, say TV stars

In today’s highly materialistic world, if there is one relationship which still remains pure, it would be the equation between a mother and her child/children. She selflessly puts the interest of her kids above all. With Mother’s Day being celebrated today (12 May 2013) decided to catch up with a few TV stars and ask them about what they felt about their respective mothers.
Dimple Jhangiani was the most expressive, when she said, “My mom is my life. I am nobody without her, she is my soul. Even now she feeds me and does not sleep till I am awake. I can’t live without her, even for a moment, she is my first God. ”
Gautam Rode of Saraswatichandra shared, “Days like Mother’s Day are just a reminder of the love and sacrifices our moms make for us. Today we are so busy in our lives that we hardly get time to spend a moment with our parents, but that does not mean we don’t love them.”
Here he adds that, “the coming of another woman in his life will not change the position of his mother in his heart and mind.” So would you need your mom’s approval for your future wife? “If I like someone who my mom does not approve of, I will try to find out where here opposition comes from and rectify it. This has already happened before, once I was in a relationship with a girl my mom did not like, but that did not work out. Then a time came when she wanted to link me with someone who I did not have feelings for. So I spoke to her and made her change her mind.”
Aastha Chaudhary (Niyati) calls her mom her best friend. “The best part is that she never loses her cool, even when I am wrong. She patiently and lovingly points out my faults and saves me.”
Aastha further informs us, “It was my mom who batted for me with other family members and ensured that I could come to Mumbai and follow my acting dreams. If I do find someone who I think is worthy enough to be my life partner, I can easily call up mom and tell her. But yes I could not tell her of my childhood crushes as parents are normally very protective of young girls.”
On the best gift for Mother’s Day she said, “I want to give her (she lives in Rajasthan) an iPad so we can Skype each other.“
Sara Khan (Junoon) misses her mom a lot, “It is tough to stay away from her. But we talk daily. I really miss her hath ka bana khana.”
An emotional Sara added, “Sometimes when I have a tough day, I just want to rush to Bhopal and hug her. I want to become a well-known actress and make her proud.”
Niaa Sharma (Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai) feels that days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day are all overhyped.
“I celebrate Mother’s Day whenever my mom comes to stay with me. I pamper her, make her happy. I also make it a point to reach back home on time after pack up so that we can spend some time together.”
“So today I am not feeling guilty, if I am not with her for I have already done what I had to.”
In closing, Niaa has one message for her fans, “Guys don’t just wait for a special day to do something special for your mom, do it whenever you get a chance.”
Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!!!