maj 23, 2013

Kanica Maheswari and Pooja Singh's 'cold war' on the sets of Diya Aur Baati

Time for some masala news from the sets of Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum (Shashi Sumeet Mittal Productions Pvt Ltd).
So without much ado, let’s get down to the meat.
Our little birdie from the sets was having a normal day at work when suddenly she heard someone saying in an irritated tone, “The Diya Aur Baati family (on-screen) was happier when there were eight members in the house. With the entry of the ninth member, things have changed.”
Aha, the source, being as inquisitive as ever, activated the probe mode and learnt that the actress who uttered the above words was none other than Kanica Maheshwari (Meenaxi) and the ninth person she was talking about was Pooja Singh (Emily).
Learn more from the source: “Kanica has been very close to Anas Rashid (Suraj) from day one and ever since Pooja has become a part of the family she has been talking to Anas too much. Probably, this has been pricking Kanica.”
Probable…very probable.
Let’s see what Kanica has to say, “I did not have any malicious intent. It’s just that we have been eight people for a long period of time, so I have gotten used to working with them. With Pooja coming in, we have to work towards making new adjustments (professionally). So that’s it, nothing beyond it.”
When asked if she has any personal differences with Pooja she stated, “I haven’t shot with Pooja yet and why would I have personal differences with her?”
While on the other hand, Pooja said, “Yes, Kanica and I have shot for a few scenes together and we have had fun. In fact, I wasn’t even on the sets when she passed the comment you’re talking about. I am sure that if she has an issue with me she will come up to me and discuss. Apart from that I am a simple person and I like staying away from controversies.”
On her friendship with Anas she said, “Anas is very good in nature and he makes me feel really comfortable on the sets, so I talk to him. I discuss my issues with him as a good friend. I am not aware about anybody not liking it.”
We will keep an eye on the development!!!