maj 12, 2013

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, Lord Shiva to retrieve Parvati’s memory

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, Lord Shiva to retrieve Parvati’s memoryMumbai: Life Ok’s serial ‘Devon Ke Dev Mahadev’ has emerged as a soap which makes the audience impatient with the ensuing thrill with every episode and current storyline has been successful in grabbing the top TRPs full throttle.
Main lead of the Mythological soap Mohit Raina and Sonorika Bhadoria had already won followers who can make any Bollywood celebrity shy and not to count their Twitter and Facebook fans.

The current episode is depicting the tussle between Jalandhar and Lord Shiva while Goddess Parvati is also going through a rough face after falling into oblivion.

Lord Shiva in the form of Adi Yogi (Mohit Raina) is helping his dear wife Parvati (Sonarika Bhadoria) to get back her memory through yoga on Life OK’s Devon Ke Dev.

Shiva is supposed to be the first yogi. His first student was his wife Parvati. 

In the last episode Lord Shiva has blessed Parvati for retrieving her memory.

Adi Yogi is expected to accomplish his mission of helping Parvati to recollect the fond memories of all that she had forgotten. And story suggests that afterwards Parvati will return to the holy abode of Kailash.