juli 02, 2013

Why is Tanveer Track So Important? – Qubool Hai!

For the last couple of months or even a little more than that is what some of the viewers would lament is the fact that they do not like Tanveer track in Qubool Hai. While Amrapali Gupta is doing an exemplary job (considering the way everyone hates her character),  one would think that she must be important for the show for her character to be around.

Here is one theory we have. See if you all think there is a possibility of that?
The show is about acceptance of one fate when one cannot change things and also about how on larger scheme of things, one’s clothes does not define one’s character.
Tanveer personifies what is traditional. At least outwardly. She is soft-spoken, respects elders, is caring. The sinister nature that she harbors is hidden under layers. And that is perhaps symbolised by the colored contacts over the glass eye. However, we at Forum 32 were wondering how come if the character is disliked so much, she is still around. While we do not feel it was a Eureka moment, there might be some meat in the theory we thought of.

Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) is a man who has upheld what is tradition. Especially he believes a woman must behave, dress in certain way. However, he fell in love with a woman quite the opposite of what he believes in. Just goes to show that what appears may not be what is. Then there is his childhood friend Taveer or Tannu as he calls her. While she epitomising everything he should like in a woman he is not attracted to her. And we believe the way he listens to her and trusts her blindly, there has to be an equation that has led to him believing every white, black and all the colors in between lies that she feeds him.

Is Tanveer to bring self realisation for Asad? Is she there to break every myth that he has harbored over the years? Whether it is to believe that he is made of the same ilk as his father, or his fear of falling in love with the wrong kind of a woman? While the audience feel tortured by her presence, is Tanveer there to bring salvation to a man who trusts someone so blindly that he ignores his instincts, his inner voice or even voice of reason that he seems to lose whenever Tanveer is around?
What do you think has happened in their past that has Tanveer establish such a hold over his psyche?
Can one believe or trust someone so blindly?
Shall we discuss?
While you watch Qubool Hai for various reasons, especially the chemistry between Asad and Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti), the story does give you varying shades of human nature from straight laced and sweet like Najma Ahmed Khan (Nehalami Iyer) to down right evil of  a Razia Siddiqui  (Alka Kaushal) or Tanveer.
Watch Qubool Hai at 9:30pm every Monday to Friday on Zee TV, a family saga with twists and turns that are mind boggling, frustrating yet intriguing.