juli 05, 2013

Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th July 2013 Written Episode

Sandy tells suraj that no one is ready to move & they must work hard to move the ambulance/ Suraj points out the person fighting like kid. Emily asks her to leave. Sandy shouts at her to consider the emergency of the patient. & adds that she will do what is needed. Emily is worried & looks at watch every second.
Suraj & sandy look @ some gang fighting ruthlessly. Sandy asks them to keep quiet. They again fight. Emily asks her to leave again & again. Sandy asks one of them to move if they are wise & the man shouts at her saying she must ask the other person first. Sandy asks whether they want t leave or not. They argue he did wrong & he did … Suraj tries to explain them & asks one of the truck to move first. Emily pleads sandy… Sandy helps the vehicles to move out by giving directions.
Meena gets some good orders & babasa tells that it is the luck of that baby girl. One of the lady informs about swath Maa competition where a mother of below one yr old child can participate… Meena asks whether they will ask difficult questions. The lady tells that they will check only the bonding of the two. Meena decides to go with kanha & thinks if sandy & emily can go why not her. One of the lady tells that her baby girl is very good & she can win with this baby girl. Meena decides to go with the girl & win & also thinks who would get to know about the truth.
Sandy & suraj give direction to everyone…Sandy tells emily that it is important to pave way for the ambulance. Sandy keeps running. Emily constantly follows her. Emily asks her to leave as half of the jam has left & asks her to leave. Sandy tells she will not leave until the ambulance leave. Emily asks her to stop this stupidity. Sandhya asks whether it is stupidity but it is her duty as a citizen. Emily tells that it is her last chance & is caring for unknown person. Sandy gets annoyed. Atlast they make way for the ambulance too
Bhabo asks chavi to work & chavi tells that she need not work much in dilip’s family. Bhabo tells that it is her duty to teach her daughter. Chavi tells that sandy didn’t get all these from her mayka. Bhabo asks her to read like her & also get third rank like her. Chavi shuts her mouth. Meena laughs & chavi asks her to cook. Meena thinks that let her win the competition first & then she would show who is she!!!
Chavi sew .. Bhabi takes away the plate of babasa. Mohit tells that it will take 4-5 hrs for them to return. Bhabo asks babasa to take care of suraj’s shop & he makes excuse by saying that he is having stomach ache. Bhabo tells that is he doesn’t then she would go. Babasa leaves. But SurYa & Emily return…
Everyone gets shocked. Suraj closes the main door (hungama hone wala hain na isiliye). Bbabasa asks them the reason behind their early return.. Meena asks SAnLy how they came earlier as the competition is in Ajmer & tells that sandy must have answered all the questions quickly & asks about emily whether she owuld pass. Suraj tells no. Meena tells emily that it is better to participate & concludes she failed. Chavi tells that what if emily failed at the minimum sanyd would participate & win. Suraj tells that sandy is not there in the competition anymore. Everyone gets shocked.
Meena lists out the expenses which suraj made for sandy & tells that there is no use of spending 30000 & also studying late night.
Emily tells that it is not like the way she is thinking. Mohit asks then what happened. Meena seconds him. Bhabo asks them to speak up. Why are they keeping mum. Bhabo asks emily to speak out. Emily tells that they couldn’t reach destination on time. By the time they went they closed the gate & they had to return back. Bhabo asks how it could happen as they left the RM 1 1/2 hs earlier & it will take max 30 mns to reach ajmer. Emily tells that they got stuck up with traffic jam & puts the blame on sandy saying that she insisted to save the ambulance. Mohit gets irritated with all these. Emily adds that they did not allow even those who came late like them
Precap: Meena tells that the challenge was that if sandy fails to win the competition she would loose the third matka. So now she has lost. She gives the third matka to bhabo & bhabo lifts her hand to break it. Sandy & suraj look down helplessly.