juli 05, 2013

Saraswatichandra 5th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sunny asking Saras why he shouted. Sunny asks him what happened, where was he the last night. Sunny tells him that Kumud is waiting for your call. Kumud is thinking about Saras, and says every ritual is incomplete without you. Danny says I spoke to Sunny. Sunny will talk to Saras and Saras will call you soon. Kumud smiles.
Saras tells everything what happened between him and his father to Sunny. Sunny tells why did not you come to me first, I don’t understand how can Ghuman aunty do this, why are you punishing yourself, Kumud is trying to talk to you. Saras says after I read Maa’s letter, I could not understand anything, where am I, and what am I doing, I did not know. I did not even know where I kept my mobile. Sunny says talk to Kumud, Danny told she is very much worried about you. Your marriage is in few days, talk to her. Sunny gives him his phone.
Scene shifts to Kumud:
The girls are seeing Kumud’s bridal dress. Badimaa says when Kumud wears this, it will look more good. Kumud comes and sees her bridal dress. Kumud touches it and likes it a lot. She thinks of Saras’s words that he is waiting for her to come with him. Badimaa asks did you like it, Kumud says yes. Guniyal asks her to try it now. Saras is thinking what to say to Kumud and thinks of her mum’s words and the fight with Laxminandan. Saras thinks how will I tell her all this. Kumud wears her bridal dress and Kumari praises her beauty. Kumud smiles and says lets go and show it to everyone, then I will change my colothes. She misses Saras’s call. Saras dials again and her number becomes unreachable. Vidyachatur and Guniyal see Kumud in the bridal dress and get happy. Badimaa says is this true or a dream. Guniyal says our dream is becoming true. Chandrika says the dress is looking more beautiful because of Kumud. Vidyachatur gets emotional and praises Kumud.
Danny comes and says OMG, I will marry an Indian girl like you. He asks her to smile. She says you know why am I not smiling. He says Saras will call soon. Her phone rings, and she runs to take the call. (In the first scene, she was standing near the phone, and she did not see it ringing. And when the phone rings again, she hears the ring from a very far distance, strange!!) She picks the call. Saras says Kumud. She says where were you since the last two days, I waited for your call. Saras says now you won’t have to wait. Kumud says I wore my bridal dress, I’m seeing myself in the mirror. She smiles and looks at the moon. She closes the window and says I was closing the door as you say the moon stares at you, I’m yours and I cannot let anyone stare at me. She says come soon and marry me. Saras says forget this dream, she asks why, because this won’t be a dream anymore, I have applied your name’s mahendi and haldi, come soon to take me. She is very much excited. She says I know no one loves anyone as you love me.
Scene shifts to Badimaa:
Badimaa and Guniyal are talking about the arrangements. Badimaa asks Kumari to call Kumud. Kumari says she is talking to Saras. Kumari says he did not talk to her since two days, so she was sad, now he called and she ran to take his call. Vidychatur and Guniyal think about their times. They all have a laugh. Vidyachatur is excited about Kumud and Saras’s marriage.
Scene shifts to Kumud:
Saras tries to tell her, but Kumud is keeping on talking and describes her bridal dress. She says she will go with him and tells her post marriage plans. Saras tells her that I don’t have any color to color that white cloth. She says don’t joke. She says my heart will be beating high till you come. He says I won’t come to marry you. She gets shocked and thinks he is joking. She smiles and says maybe you have some work, so are you postponing the marriage. She says don’t let me wait. Saras tells I’m ending your wait. Kumud says Mr. Saraswati Chandra Vyas. Saras shouts don’t call me Vyas, I’m just Saraswati Chandra. I don’t have any relation with my father anymore. Kumud simply listens. He says our marriage cannot happen. (Saras is an idiot!!) Kumud is shattered and could not believe her ears. (Poor Kumud!!) He says you change your bridal dress. She cries.
Kumud says what are you saying. She says my dad brought this bridal dress, tell him. Vidyachatur asks Kusum to call Kumud. Danny says they might be planning their marriage, look she will come and give us some shocking news. Kumari says when she comes down, we will sing a song for her. Danny says we will tell her that my dad postponed the marriage, they all think of joking with Kumud. Badimaa says we will sing a song which she likes. Everyone plans something different for Kumud.
Saras tells Kumud to forget him. He says how can I think that I can make a relation with someone, my mum left me years ago, and I could not connect with my dad, how will I make a new relation when I cannot make a relation with my parents, its my mistake that I fell in love with you, please forgive me. He says I came to know today that I’m nothing without my dad’s name. She says I chose you because I love you and trust you. He says I don’t trust myself. She says trust me. He says I don’t want anyone’s support, leave me alone. Kumud says don’t forget that you will leave me alone too. He says I’m helpless, we cannot unite. Think of it as a dream and don’t wait for me, because I cannot marry you. Kumud cries and says you promised that you will be with me till the last breath and you asked my hand infront of everyone. How can I forget, he says I don’t have any answer of your questions. She says you have to answer, how can you decide alone. Answer me how can I remove my mahendi, how can I undo my face’s haldi. She says you cannot insult my parents like this. He says it cannot change my decision. She cries.
Kumud tells Vidyachatur that Saras called me and said this marriage cannot happen. Everyone are shocked.