juli 09, 2013

Pavitra Rishta 9th July 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Purvi asking how Pari is via Phone to Archu. Purvi informs of a celebration party in the office for a project they just acquired. Purvi says she won’t be attending the party though because she’ll be coming home. Archu tells her to stay and enjoy the party since after all, it’s because of her hard work they got the project.
Savita is looking for Sundari and she sees Pari laying on the couch. Savita goes over there and showers some love on Pari but then realizes Pari has wet herself. Savita is screaming for Archu but she’s no where to be found. Then Sundari comes and tells Savita that Archu has gone out. Savita says and she just left pari here? Sundari says no, Archu left Pari in Teju’s care. Savita says oh no, Teju is not good to leave Pari with. She’s probably out doing her masti etc. Savita tells Sundari to get clothes etc to change Pari since she’s wet. Sundari takes a while to get it and Savita scolds her and just ends up taking Pari inside herself to change her.
Soham’s boss or co-worker or something is pacing back and forth at work stressing out. Soham comes there and the boss thanks Soham for coming and says theres lots of work to do. Soham begins the work and Balan shows up there. Balan begins to taunt Soham saying what did he get from coming into this family? Inspite of having a rich father, he’s struggling here doing hard labor. He says they have done injustice to you. One son is a lawyer and the other goes to the office. He says and theyve left Soham here to do hard labor. He says he should go to the village with him and get his respect and honor back. Soham ignores him and tells him Balan has only showed him the wrong path. Soham tells him to leave. Balan says what will you do if i leave. Soham says he doesn’t know what he’ll do but he wants to whatever in the right away. Soham says he got his family and most of all his aai whose made him a good person. Balan says what family. He taunts him some more and says he’ll regret this opportunity. Soham says leave me alone, I want to be a good person and if you get in my way, I’ll forget the favors you did for me.
We’re at Arjun’s home. Archu, Manav, DK and Arjun are all sitting in the family living room. DK is playing with Pari and Arjun is showering some love on Pari also. Arman watch this happily. DK thanks Arman for bringing Pari over. Manav asks Arjun whether there’s a party at the office today? Arjun replies yes there is for a recent project they got. Manav asks why he’s not there. Arjun says it’s important for him to be here with his father. Manav tells him he should go to the party as it’s important to maintain client relationships. He assures him that they’re here with DK saab. Archu seconds Manav and then so does DK. They all tell him to go to the office party. Arjun was holding Pari and is giving her to DK but before he does he says in a cutie fluffy way BYE in a baby voice to pari. SO CUTE!
Soham is told he needs to make a delivery at a certain address. Upon hearing the address, he gets annoyed and tells his co-worker that he knows the girl that lives there. It’s Gauri’s place. He says it’s that arrogant doctorni and it’s going to ruin his day. Now the scene shifts to Gauri’s place. Gauri is doing some housework and is asking her BABA about the whereabouts of the delivery they were supposed to receive. Just then, the door bell rings. Gauri’s brother goes to get the door. He opens it and Soham is standing there with the box picked up in such a way that it’s completely covering his face. Gauri looks very pretty I must say. Gauri asks the delivery guy why such a delay in the delivery. She turns and sees it’s Soham who trying to hide his face. She’s says TUM? Soham says yes, now check the order and delivery and make sure you have everything so I can get the money and leave. He looks so cuteee! Gauri’s father stops Soham and says how will you leave just like that? He asks Soham to have a seat and drink chaa (chai) (tea) with them. He asks his wife to make a cup tara tari (quickly). Soham refuses and says he must go. gauri’s father insists. Soham then asks about his foot injury. Her father says he’s fine and then asks Soham that your father is such a successful builder why are you doing such manual labor? Soham replies that he’s not educated thus does whatever work he can do. Gauri asks how much money does she owe him for the order? He says it’s written there. It’s 970! Gauri’s mom bring the tea for him to drink. In the meantime Gauri brings the money for him. She gives it to Soham and he’s like OH NO again 1000 rupee note? He gives her change and leave quickly! Gauri’s father starts to praise Soham after he leaves and he wonders if his family knows that he does such labor. He asks Gauri how she knows him. And Gauri says she just does. Then Gauri begins to think to herself and says in her mind that she can’t believe that this guy who used to be such a gangster before is working so hard now. She thinks whatever it is, he’s changing for the better.
One of Balan’s men bring over a cup of tea for Balan. He drinks it and instantly spits it out and tells them to bring another cup as this one is disgusting. The man says what’s wrong with you? This is the 5th cup of tea I’m bringing and you don’t like. Why are you taking Lalla’s (Soham) anger out on the tea. He says he doesn’t know what’s gotten into Lalla. Balan says no matter what happens, Lalla will come back to him. He says he’s worked hard to build his bushiness and he won’t let it break that quickly. One of the men asks Balan what’s going on his mind? Balan says he will remove this bhoot of honesty and sincerity off Soham. Balan laughs and says gives 25,000 rupees to one of the men and says take this and accuse Soham of stealing so he gets in trouble. He says Manav won’t bail him out obviously because he doesn’t think of him as his son. If he did, he would give him work associated with his business and empire rather than letting him suffer working as delivery guy. He says after Soham is jailed, he himself will go bail out Soham and then Soham will realize who his true father is. Everyone starts to laugh the evil laugh and say what a plan!
Purvi is in the office still in her horrible sari when she hears a knocking. She says she knows the party has began and she’s coming. She turns and sees Arjun there. She says ARJUN TUM? What about DK sir? Arjun says before you yell at me, I came here with your mom and dad’s permission! Purvi is astonished and questions him about it. Arjun explains that her parents came to his house with pari and told him to attend the party as there will be important clients there that he must meet and greet. Purvi says ok. Arjun says wait, and he gives a gift to Purvi. Purvi says what is this. Arjun opens the box up and it’s a pink sari. UFF! He says he knows she wouldn’t be able to go home and change and thus he brought this for her. Purvi apoloizes and says she can’t accept this sari. She says it’s very nice but she can’t accept it. She says whats wrong with her sari? Arjun says nothing is wrong. Arjun says right now Purvi is sitting in his chair. He says that means you’re the MD right now. He says the managing director of OVT industries. He says there will be many clients etc at the party and thus she should look the best and should wear this nicer sari he brought for her. Purvi still refuses and Arjun says PLEASE? in such a cute way and Purvi agrees.
Arjun is at the party and enjoying and meeting everyone. Suddenly he turns and his head stops. Reminds me of the surprise engagement party of Arovi when Arjun sees Purvi and the song DIL KYON YEH MERA plays. He stops and they show Purvi dressed in that beautiful pink/purple sari with a sea green blouse. A sweet melody is playing in the background. Purvi’s hair is out. I still don’t like her side bangs. Arjun goes to Purvi and says Welcome to the party Ms. Purvi. Purvi thanks him and then he says this sari is looking nice on her. Purvi smiles and thanks him again. Then he takes her to meet some clients. He introduces her to one client and that client says he knows Purvi and he tells Arjun his staff is very good. Arjun says well I must say she’s the best! He smiles his ARJUN smile. Arjun then goes on to introduce to her to others and a sweet melody is playing. Then Arvi are standing next to each other. Purvi says look how happy how happy all the employees are. Arjun says it’s because of you and your hard work that we got such clients. Purvi thanks him again.
People are dancing at the party. Purvi is walking around . The song Dil Kyon Yeh mera is playing in the background. She looks at Arjun who is already looking at her. As they look at one another, their souls come out and Arjun’s soul grabs and holds on to Purvi’s hands. There is no one else in the room except the souls and the real Arvi. They begin to dance. It’s very romantic and such a sweet dance. They’re both smiling. It seems like ages since I’ve seen this smile on their faces. Finally Purvi rests her head on Arjun’s shoulder and they slow dance like that. The real Arjun and Purvi are standing still at their spots just daydreaming. Arjun is standing there and having this day dream and the soul of Purvi walks by Arjun and stops. She looks in the direction in which Arjun is looking and smiles this beautiful smile at what he’s staring at. She walks around him. Suddenly Arjun notices her there, he turns towards her and Purvi put her hand up to put on Arjun’s face. Arjun looks at where Purvi is standing and what’s infront of him right now. Then we see Purvi standing there daydreaming. Arjun walks over and looks in the direction in which she’s looking. He smiles that Kirlosker smile and takes my heart with him. He walks around her and then taps Purvi on shoulder. Purvi is shocked to see him there. Then she turns back and sees Arjun still standing there. Arjun grabs Purvi’s hand and kisses it lovingly. He leaves and Purvi looks back at where Arjun is and he’s still standing there. They both look sad that they were just dreaming. The lights come on and the daydream ends. Purvi goes to Arjun and tells him she must leave as it’s late and she needs to attend to Pari. Ajun says okay and that he’ll drop her.
Arvi are in the sitting in the car. As on cue, it begins to rain. Purvi is like oh no, where this rain come from! She get splashed from the rain. I think she left her window open? Anyways, Arjun gives her something to wipe his face. She’s wiping her face and then Arjun says one moment, He grabs the napkin and starts to wipe her forehead. He realizes what he’s doing and apologizes. Purvi says ok and thanks him awkwardly.
Precap: A shop owner says to Manav and Gauri to at least have a drink from a poor man’s shop. Soham is shown getting the glass of water. He walks to the front of the shop and goes to hand the glass of water and realizes he’s giving it to Manav. He gets shocked and Manav stares at him with this blank expression. Balan is watching this from afar.